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You have to accept these things to your wife if you want to live happily in your life

If you live happily in your life, you can tell these things to your wife! | Tips for Husband and wife | Love Life Tricks and Lifehacks for peaceful Life, family psychology, wife psychology, husband psychology 

In order to live happily in life, husbands and wives should be loving, prevent fighting, ways to keep the men ... How should a husband be?

Do not be shy, even if you have fun!

Men always have a badge. Brother, sister, sister or brother, regardless of the relation between the husband and wife, lover or girlfriend, regardless of any relationship they think they should be somewhat gentle.

Thus, women are often told about snoring, and whenever they make small mistakes, they will turn back and ridicule. This will make their kettle up.

But if you want to get a high place in the mind of a woman or your wife, you have to leave all of this and agree with a four-five. Especially those who want to live in life should be admitted ....

This is not your job!
These jobs should change the idea that women should do the job of washing clothes, cooking, washing, cleaning the house, folding washed cloth, falling down and falling down.

There is nothing wrong!

Yes, when women take part in the men for the greatness of the house today. There is no mistake in working for men and women, beyond the fact that we are helping women in domestic work. So you have to admit that you can do homework and homework.

Knee and troubles!

For men who work in parallel to men, the same official stress for men, Target, and other high rank officials will be confused and disturbed. Men should admit that they are working beyond all.

Women are jealous of me. They should talk about the gossip, the jealousy of others, and the frequency of their criticism of others.

Will not come to mind!

If you put them in the hands of women, they will not come into your mind. So do not hold hands on their right. And their right to freedom is the right to them. Men must admit that men are mere guards!

Speaking of speech!

The wrong idea is that women should give their freedom to women. Who gave the right to women's freedom in their hands? In fact, it is wrong to think of keeping women in the 21st century.

We can!

In the Rio Olympics, Indian women have proven that we are not just parallel to men but more. Men should not be caught up with their co-men, and that's why they won.

Talent for everyone

Women can also accumulate success. Men must admit that men and women are equal. If you agree with these things to your wife, you will be happy in your life.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

How can we use ghee in a healthy way?

How can we use ghee in a healthy way? Ghee is good for the body. You can learn how to use this ghee in a healthy manner.

The main ingredient in Indian foods is ghee. Dilute the ghee, the health benefits will be fully available. But it is widely reported to be bad and bad fat. `This is a misconception. Ghee is good. But it should be a clean smoker, "says doctors.
How can we use ghee in a healthy way? Who can eat .. How to eat, ghee, masculine, buffalo ghee, pure pathetic ghee

Cows are good fat. It can do good in many ways for the body. But how is it that, in any way, when it comes to any diet, it is healthy in the dosage. Any ghee is good, let's see how it can be used in healthy ways.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, cow is better. Avoiding the preparation of buffalo milk is good for the body. Because it contains a lot of fatty nutrients. In addition, the fungus, vegetable oils, and fats are added to the body, resulting in a bad cholesterol called LDL cholesterol, which leads to cardiac arrest. Instead, do not think that we should avoid ghee. The right way to choose and use the clean smell is the right way. Ayurvedic medicine also suggests that it is better to use it.

Who can we eat ghee ... how can we eat ghee?

* Eat a cousin from an adult to fifty years old.

* Have to eat the first ingestion of the dish.

It's good to eat half a teaspoon of lunch.

* Must add salt to it. Only the ghee should not be eaten without salt.

* Instead of oil, ghee should be added to the lowest level by pouring gauze.

* Only lunch should be included. Adding to dinner, digestion is delayed.

* Only cooked in hot cooked food or eat only after mashing the cob. Unhealthy foods should not be left in foods that are in the fridge.

* In addition to applying the excess cholesterol, the protein in the pulp will lead to proper nutrition for the baby.

* Do not add biscuits, chicken gravies, chicken curry, chicken rice, fish, eggs and shrimp. Diabetes is too late because both are too fat.

* Chutney is rich in cholesterol. It will do good to the body.

* Helps to increase the cholesterol levels of good cholesterol in the body. This good cholesterol, which travels with blood, does not fall in the heart of the heart.

* The catalyst acts as a catalyst for brain neurons. It helps to maximize the brain's performance.

Who needs to avoid ghee?

Diabetes, gastrointestinal tract, vomiting, liver inflammation, stomach problems should be avoided.

Where to get clean ghee?

Available in the stores in Chennai, Madurai and Trichy. It will be golden as sand sand. Good smell comes from this. Prices are more expensive than normal stores.

Cow holders can buy and sell ghee.

Without looking at brands, you can buy and sell places that you can find near or near by your home.

100 hrs free cycling facility for Chennai Metro Rail Passengers

100 hrs free cycling facility for Chennai Metro Rail Passengers

The Metro Railways said that free bicycles have been introduced in the Chennai Metro Railway passenger offices.

Metro Railways is operated as a route from Chennai Airport to Nehru Park and the second one from Airport to Chikamalai. In addition, railway stations are being constructed in many places.

In this case, Metro Railways has introduced a free cycling service for the convenience of passengers traveling in metro rail. Accordingly, the passenger office and other applications have been informed that they can get bicycles from their identity cards.

The Metro administration also announced that it can take up to 100 hours a month free bicycles.

Thanks: malaimalar news Paper

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How to Get Your Belief in Your Spouse? | What does a husband and wife need to do?

How to Get Your Belief in Your Spouse? | What does a husband and wife need to do?
No woman wants to have a relationship with a man who does not respect her feelings.

(For adults only)

Whatever you wish for it is your desire. The desire should also be revealed. Otherwise the girl will consider you a jam or aunt.
You kiss her. Need to regulate. He says that by touching she can get her confidence and desire to progress gradually. Do not do anything contrary to her opinion.
Women should be very gentle and they should be very careful. You are separately. If you behave stupidly, she begins to hate herself. First get the girl's confidence.

If she seeks to rest in your presence, allow it. She may be soft and touching her softly. You can also tune with love. Do not keep sweeps for a long time.
If the unmarried of the uninitiated, the minds should be kept only in the body. It is good to control the feeling of tumbling under her belly area. If the couple are already familiar with each other, she will not be asked to reduce her room's light. The illumination of the alien, the darkness, and the shining of light, does not permit.

Do not force a woman to do what you want. Appeal to her. Kneel and pray. No matter how shy. Even though she is a very angry woman, her husband does not endure kneeling to her. Her mind became tender.

Aromatic in the hair. Combine your inventory with your inventory. Tell her to get her with her lips. Kiss her when she tries to take her temper. If she is happy she will not refuse. Let's ask her innocent mai question. Beginners to communicate. She will not answer. You have to listen again and again. If you can not open her mouth then control your mood. Do not compel her. The new bride may not speak in tone or the words in the chaos can be bleeding but she will keep in mind the words to her husband. He will grasp the way he practices.

Do i look good? Do not you like me
She will take long-term answers to such questions. Then - slowly knock down. For a response you can make it wait for the whole night.
When you take her sweets for you, cling to her hand. Breast ka ....... ... screw. Ilecakattan. She will resist. I will refuse you. I want you to cling yourself. Then I will go from here to you.
Put her on your lap. Leave the hand in the navel area. She can get rid of her. Tell me not to do anything better than this. But use the re-hand. What is she doing? Wow you wow ... I told the right hand. If you do not know that this is a left hand, she will not answer her innocently.
If she is to leave you, scare you so hard. I'm going to bite your lip. Otherwise, my body will be full of biting and my boutique job is to show it to everyone.

Before the third night, the mourning should be prepared for her mobilization. Her pussy .. kissing ... ka ............ .. lovely vivi ...... giving her clothes
If she hinders her a little late. It will not do anything bad. Tell me. But let's release each of the fingers at the end - you will lose your control.
Your fierce fasting will be lost forever. She knows what you do for her happiness; Describe how you love her for the first 3 nights. Vote that I will not do any harm even in life.
She will be very confident. You'll be alive. Be dignified with her. Give her happiness. Get her trust. She will always be with you.
If she does not feel any love for her, she will be bitter. It will not become too long for you to become a coward. If you try to force her out of her life, you will continue to suffer.

No woman wants to have a relationship with a man who does not respect her feelings.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Simple practice that make the cheek look beautiful

Simple tutorials that make the cheek look beautiful

When trying to reduce body weight, we try to dissolve only the fats in the belly, thighs and hips. But it does not give much importance to slashing large cheeks and double jaws. In fact, such cheeks are a common cause of health and other habits such as drinking habits, adequate sleep deprivations, smoking and snacking.

And if the cheeks are not perfectly suited to this type of body, it will give a more ugly look, even if it reduces body weight. So there are a few physical exercises to keep the cheeks beautiful. If it comes up later, you can definitely exacerbate excess fat in cheeks. In addition, some of these exercises will help keep the cheeks adapted to the right size.
Well, let's see what kind of exercises should be done now to keep the cheeks beautiful!

Focus your mouth
The first thing to do to keep the cheeks beautiful is to focus on the mouth as shown in the picture. Cover the lips tightly and concentrate for 1 minute and then return to normal. This should be done at least 3 times a day, 10 minutes.

Smile is the best practice for muscles in the face. As the mouth laughs well, the muscles in the face stretch, so it will help keep the cheeks beautiful. So always smile well.

Chewing gum
Generally, if the sucking is present, the mouth will be refreshing. But this chewing is a cheating tool for the face. This will avoid double jaws.

Lift the cheeks
One of the best ways to reduce the bigger cheeks is to lift the cheeks. Lift the cheeks as much as possible. Do not carry your hand with it. Lift your cheeks by laughing.

Fish like lip
In the picture, like a fish, lip the lips and put it for 20 seconds and then return to normal. If you do 10-20 times a day, you can reduce your cheeks.

Fill the air in the mouth
As shown in the picture, fill the air in the mouth and return to the old stage after 2 minutes. If you do so often, cut down the cheeks and cheeks will be perfect for those who have no cheeks.

When the skin does not have the necessary oil for the skin, the cannabis is dry and shriveled.

Face, Cheeks and Chin Beauty Tips

Face, Cheeks and Chin Beauty Tips 

It's their cheeks to make women's face even more beautiful. If the cheeks are beautiful, the face is beautiful. For some, the cheeks are very close to them. If they come after these tips, get a good reward! Women who get up early in the morning get naturally clean air.

This gives you some brilliance on the face. Add a little salt in warm water and put it in the mouth for 10 minutes. The beauty of the cheek will increase because you continue doing this.

Soft apple-like cheeks, such as to get cheeks like apples, tips,

If you cut the apple and grind it from the cheek to the ear and give a daily stroke, you can get a beautiful cheek in one week.

Three apple slices, three carrot pieces, squeeze juice and mix half a lump of juice with lemon juice and drink every morning, keep the cheek in the cheek and glue.

If the skin does not have the desired oil paste, the scorpion may dry up and shrink.

Daily almonds, pistachi chopped and cashew nuts, let them soak in hot water, add only one pulp on the face and eat the remaining three pounds.

These pancakes help to get the oil glue on the skin. As the facial wrinkles disappear, the chewing groin will squeeze like a golden cheek.

Add a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of papaya paste and wash it for 10 minutes.

Honey causes the skin to shrink the skin and glow the cheeks.

Before bathing every day, a teaspoon mixed with a little sugar mixed with sugar.

Take a teaspoon of honey or cinnamon, put it in the mouth, and practice for adjoining chin.

Milk - 1 teaspoon, butter - 1 tbsp, barley - 1 teaspoon in a small bowl and fry well until foam.

Apply cream, face, neck and eyes around all the parts. After half an hour, wash it off with warm water.

Your chin will be white with brightness and face shimmering.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Ways to get rid of dark armpit

There are some ways to get rid of dark armpit | Dark underarms cure, natural cure for dark circles, beauty tips
Most of the folds in the body are all dark. It's just a place that's dark. Women are worried that the armpit is dark. The reason for this is that if the armpit is dark, it is impossible to wear sleeves.

The potato is rich in bleaching. If you use it, there is no side effect of the skin. Because the acidity is in size.
So, cut the potatoes and massage the skin for 5-10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. If you do this twice a day, nourishment will soon be done.
Lime is more bleaching than potatoes.
But if you use it too much, it can cause irritation and irritability in the skin.
It should not always be used alone. Instead, you must use only one thing.
Before bathing every day, mix lemon juice with water, soak it in a bowl, rub the skin and leave for 5 minutes after bathing. After bathing, you must apply any moisturizer.
Add yogurt, turmeric, honey and a little lemon juice and apply it on the skin and wash it for 10 minutes. If you do this daily, you will get good results.
Cucumbers contain bleaching as in potatoes. Besides, it helps to keep your skin cool. Cut the cucumber daily, add it to the dough or mix it with coconut juice and mix it with a little lemon juice and turmeric powder and wash it off.
Baking soda
Mix the baking soda with water and apply it on the cheek and scrub it for a while and then wash and dry. This way can be dark and dark.
Orange skin
Like lemon, the orange has the power to darken. Add the powdered orange paste of the fruit and mix it with milk and rose water. Apply it in the jug for 10 minutes and then wash off in cold water. Dark underarms cure, natural cure for dark circles, beauty tips

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How to prepare a natural herbal bath powder?

How to prepare a natural herbal bath powder? Today, they have a variety of chemical compositions on the face to get a beautiful face. Some people invade beauty salons. Many people take advantage of this and make many cosmetics products on the market. None of the people who bought and used this did not achieve full benefits.
How to prepare natural herbal bath powder ?, kuliyal podi, natural, soap herbal soap, natural bath

Methods of preparation

Instead, they are the ones who have ruined the face. Natural herbs are filled with us to protect the face and the skin. Using these herbs you can get your facial beauty.

Dry pleasant flower powder 200 grams
Sugar potato powder 100 grams
Wool yellow powder 100 gram
Rosemary powder 100 g
Salad sandal powder 150 g

Put them on the face and put it on the face half an hour before bathing. Leave for half an hour and then wash the face with cold water. Do not put soap. If you do this daily, the face will shine in a few days. The face is soft.

Bath powder
Now many fragrance soaps and powders are affected by allergic reactions in the body. This creates a facial expression and skin contraction at the age of 30. Moreover, the lack of nutrients in your daily diet is not dry and you are getting dry and the skin is dry. Use of natural herbs with powder pulses for skin damage is also available for skin cleansing and protection.

How to prepare a bathroom

100 grams of anise
 100 g of yellow kusturi
 Cut 200 g of root
 200 grams of acetyl shell
 Sandal powder is 300 g
 Carbohydrate 200 grams
 Tummarasastam 200 g
 200 g of lilac
 200 g of potato
 200 grams of gravity
 Achloride 200 g
 Glycerin 500 g

Each time you dry it separately, mix it separately and mix together and take a shower every day. This will change the scrotum, scabies, scorpions, rhubarb, black spot, rhubarb, cataracts in the eyes, acne, and mulch. And the odor of the body. Beauty is beautiful. This is the ideal scent bathing tool for women and children.

Source: Dinakaran Daily

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Do you know what are the benefits of sleeping without pillow?

Do you know what are the benefits of sleeping without pillow?

How can you sleep without pillow? The question is that everyone will be raised.
Some sleep with a pillow, one for head, one for kale, one to hug.
Some people have to sleep on their two pillows.

But sleeping on the pillow is said to have some problems in the body.

Penalty .... !!!!
Sleeping on the pillow is easy to use, as the pillow is easy to use.
This does not result in spinal cord problem and physical pain.
Using a thick / stiff pillow can cause bad influences in the spine.

Sleeping without pillow can prevent the shoulder and neck pain. Pain can be reduced.

Renovation ... !!!
Sleeping without pillow can restore the body's bone levels.
But some people are forced to use the pillow due to the medical condition, and they need to use the pillow.

Facial wrinkles!
The pillow is said to have no effect on the face with sleeping.

Thin pillow!
A thin pillow is ideal for those who are sleeping straight.
This will protect the neck, head and shoulder problems.

Thick pillow
The dense pillow is ideal for people sleeping on one side.
This gives the balance between the shoulder and the ear.

Flat pillow!
Flat pillows are ideal for housewives. This helps to keep the head condition uncomfortable. Also, the back and the hip will prevent the pain.

Health tips, Night sleeping without Pillow health benefits, 

Small business: own Bakery industry

Small Business: Full description of the bakery industry 

In the last ten, twenty years, there has been a lot of change in our eating habits. Early morning Dipan would be the Idly, Dosa, Chapathi and Pongal varieties. But today the bread is coming back to the front of all the foods.
This bread, which was once a fever, has become a food item that is consumed daily. The result is not only in the big towns, but also in small towns.
Preparation method:
Prepare bread, biscuits and cakes with maize flour, sugar, ghee or vanaspati and yeast. With the help of masterful masters, you can sell snacks such as puffs and chips as a side business.
If we want to sell food through a bakery, we have to buy the food processing department. Also, the PIS If we buy quality, people will have confidence in our bakery.
A bakery with a showroom will need a 100 square meter builder. The total value is at least 250,000 rupees. The value of the place varies depending on the area you choose. For example, if people shop in areas like bus stand, the value will be higher or higher.
72 tons of bread and biscuits per year require 7.5 tonne capacity. The machines for the dough, flour piss and machine, boiler, oven, molded and tie up to 2,75,000 rupees. Bakery machines are available in places like Assam and Moradabad (New Delhi).
Other costs:
Costs of furniture, bakery products, racks, decorated showrooms for retail business costs up to one lakh rupees.
Water and electricity:
20 HP Electricity and 500 liters of water require one day.
The main ingredient for this industry is the flour. Maida and wheat flour should be kept in the stock without any problems. Additionally, sugar, yeast, milk powder, salt, ghee, necessary color and flavors should be avoided.
There are five people working for this productivity. There are a total of five people who work well and work well, two who work well and sellers. An experienced master requires someone.
Previous Expenses:
Registration fees, the cost of opening the shop, and checking costs will cost up to 30,000 rupees.
Operational capital:
The total operational capital for the first year is about Rs. 2.04 lakhs.

Market opportunity!
The food industry is the most important place for bakery. These biscuits are a variety of food items, such as brands, various kinds of cakes, puffs, sandwiches, and chips. Much of today's sensational life is not enough to cook at home. Hence, people are becoming more and more people to eat bread from the bakery. Thus, there are many opportunities to start bakery in urban areas and rural areas. If people choose to pick up the places that are large and start bakery, there is no need to say that sales are going to break.
Does raskke produce a risk? The bakery types produced should be sold on the same day. Therefore, it is important to prepare depending on the need.
Positive thing:
In festive times there are a lot of needs. Especially in December and January, if you work with more employees in terms of timetable, you can see a number of times in those months.
Now the birthday of the children is the most celebrated celebration. So you can buy orders for bareth-day cakes. If the model cakes for kids are handy and beautiful, the customers will be searching again and ordering them to pay for the parade. What's hesitant to get into a bright future?

Monday, 2 October 2017

Small Industries: Coconut Fiber Rope Production Industry

Small Industries: Coconut Fiber Rope Production Industry

Self employment and small businesses to help improve life ..

Here's a Super Business Idea to get your dream done.
Coconut fibers Product industry, Suya tholil vaippu, Siru thozhil vagigal, coconut fiber factory, self employment, small industries

Business to prepare rope from coconut fox!
Coconut fiber rope prepared in India is a demand overseas overseas. This industry has a good chance of having a lot of coconut trees in our country. Another plus point is that countries like Philippines and Indonesia, already in the world, are unlikely to be competitive.
People with coconut trees and adjoining areas can start the job immediately.
The coconut fibers were originally used only to build the essence of buildings and water from the wells. Due to technical development, ropes were used to form the essence of the buildings and the lack of wells caused some of the work. Then the coconut fiber has been transformed into a collected item and prepared for geotextiles and molds, the future for this profession has become brighter.

Coconut fiber-based industries are particularly vulnerable to women in rural areas.
Unit organization! This business is about four months to start. 20 cents of land needed to start about 140 tonnes of coconut fibers per year. Good to own. Those who do not have lease or hire can take. A 1200 sq ft sheet is needed for the factory, office, store room etc.

Coconut fiber ropes are prepared like the preparation of cotton thread. First let the coconut water boil. After two or three hours, the wool will be removed from the wooden machine called 'willowing'. After that the stork is shredded in a 'silvery' and spinning machine, ready for sale!
Machines like Willowing, Silversing, Spinning and Drying Machines are required. All the machines needed for this industry are available in Tamil Nadu, especially in Silkkottai.
The main ingredient is the coconut nurse. Coconut trees in Madurai, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Salem and Coimbatore districts can be purchased from Coconut. In Tamilnadu only 1.30 lakh metric tonnes of coconut is available for a year. In the next few years, 1.90 lakh metric tonnes of coconuts are available. So there is no shortage of raw material.
Those who want to place a new unit will require up to 130 tonnes of coconuts a year.

Electricity! This work requires 6.50 HP (hp) electricity. The coconut fiber rope is under the cottage industry and provides electricity at government concession rates.
Nine skilled workers need a shift job. 18 workers need two shifts. For more product and maintenance jobs a supervisor is required. 90% of the work is done by female workers. Agricultural laborers can take advantage of this industry. How to Turn Up Machines A company that supplies machines can teach workers a week's time.
Water needs 1,000 liters of water everyday. It's good to take the water through the bore well. Therefore, it is necessary to start a unit with good water facility. This industry will not have any impact on the environment. Therefore, you can supply the product without any problem.
1.71 Lakhs will be required from Capital to operational operational capital. It consists of 15 days raw materials, seven days ending stacks and 15 days sold-out inventory.
Unexpected expenses! No matter how much budget you spend, the piece will fall. Similarly, this business comes with sudden costs. Buildings, machinery, electricity, office equipment and furniture will be 5 percent, or about 39 thousand rupees.

The cost of the initial cost will be as much as six thousand rupees, such as the amount of deposit for the power connection, the flow of money and the borrowing costs.
Brake Evan In the first, second and third years of the total productivity, 36%, 34% 31% will be the brake in the industry. The productivity should be 35 tons, 34 tons and 33 tons.
Risk! The raw material needed for this industry may be a shortage of coconut bud. Then the situation is going to get more expensive. So we can reduce our profits. As competition increases, the price of commodities is likely to decrease.

The coconut fiber products we are preparing can be sold to coconut fiber products in Kerala. Besides, there are many traders who buy coconut fibers in the districts of Salem, Pollachi and Sivagangai in Tamil Nadu.
You can also mix in exports!
It is also used to cover the soil erosion and the flags of fruit gardens. All of these products are well received in the export market. There are 3,50,000 tonnes of geo-textile markets globally. Preparation of coconut fiber is now increasing in response to products produced by 98% Synthetic Metallurgy in the production of Geo Textiles. This has significantly increased the demand for this product worldwide.

Most of the developed countries do not have this industry, and there is a lot of money that will cost you more money if you start there. In the future, in the Philippines and Indonesia, this industry will not have much impact on us.

5 percent of total capital should be put out of hand. In this way, the entrepreneur will have to invest about 58,000 rupees. Three lakh rupees, ie 30% subsidy by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (Rickshamasi). 10% subsidy is less than Rs. This subsidy will be deposited directly to the bank. Two years later, the subsidy will be deposited to the loan purchased at the bank. In the period of deposit of the subsidy to the bank, it will not be attracted to the equivalent loan amount. Up to 65%, ie, 6.50 lakhs will have to borrow from the bank or financial institutions.

Net profit!
15-20% of total sales will be profitable. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

How to get dense eyebrows - Natural Tips

eyebrow hair growth,  grow eyebrows thicker, how to grow eyebrows back fast naturally, best ideas about Eyebrow Hair Growth

If the eyebrows are slimmer, no matter how beautiful the eyes look. Dense eyebrow, haired and small eyes will be beautiful. Look for notes that are here to get thicker brow. If something is not done in a day or another, nothing will benefit. Nothing can only be done when you continue. So let's do it quickly and your eyebrows become dense too soon.


Very easy accessible. Apply on the eyebrows soaked in milk with a pinch. Wash after 15 minutes. "Way protein" in the milk and stimulates the growth of cache.

Onion juice:

Bring the onion juice on a day and a day off. Onions are "sulfur", "selenium". These are the strengths of the hair of the hair. This will get stronger bones that do not fit.


Take the juice of aloe vera and put on the eyebrow. Wash and dry. The term "allon" is like keratin. Hair growth will increase.

Castor oil :

If you have a massage everyday on the eyelid and on the eyebrows, you will get a thicker brow soon. It is particularly good, although it is particularly old.

Vitamin oil

If the brow is densely grown, coconut oil, cylinder and vitamin E are enough. The coconut oil and gingerbread will provide beautiful growth to the eyebrows. Vitamin E presents the nourishment and stimulates the growth of eyebrows.

required things :

Coconut oil - 1 teaspoon
Vitamin E oil - half a teaspoon
Ostrich - 1 tbsp
Mascara brush - 1

Take a bottle of all the oils mentioned above. Mix the oil on the maskara brush, and brush on the eyebrow. Come on the night every night. This oil can be applied to lids. If you are breastfed by the brush, the hair will grow and the eyebrows dense. Be sure to be a woman with a beautiful brow in a month.

Permanent brow
Some can not be on the eyebrows. I do not worry that the eyebrow has fallen off or I have no hair on the eyebrows. Hair grows well when massaging the skin and massaging the eyebrows. Eyebrow oil will come in hand and massage it on the eyebrow and the hair will germinate quickly and the eyebrows are beautiful.

It is better to use the iPod Tattoo system to make the eyebrows permanently. Eyebrow Tattoo is a flower that puts permanent eyebrows on the eyebrows where it is filled with tattoos. This will make your face look good and get rid of your grief.

For any reason you need to take care not to get dry skin. Green vegetables, greens, milk, yogurt, butter must be added in daily diet.

Brow fruit, grow eyebrow hair, eyebrow in english (Eyebrow), how to grow eyebrow, grow eyelash hair, brow
Eye eyebrows grow densely, eye eyebrows,

Monday, 8 May 2017

Asthma attacks children - ways to win asthma

Asthma attacks children - ways to win asthma

Worldwide, 13.5 percent of children and 15 to 18 percent of babies in India have been affected by asthma. The intensity of this issue, which has been in existence for 30 years, is growing rapidly today.
Children and children who claim that "there are many who have a sense of asthma," explains detailing the way in which asthma allergy specialist Dr. Sridharan wins asthma.

The reasons are ...
"Marriage on the ground, genealogy, environmental disorder, dietary habits, and different life forms are the main reasons for asthma.
 Food (food), inhalants, and three types of allergens are converted into asthma.
 If the appetite occurs, the acidity in the stomach increases and the acid reflux becomes the causative factor for asthma when it goes up in the digestive tract.
Eating foods that are fast foods and synthetic pigmented foods can often cause allergies and lead to asthma.
 Causes of living in close housing without winding, breathing with artificial AC air, causing increased vehicular traffic and environmental pollution causes the allergy to shrink the size of the bronchial to normal, preventing normal breathing.
Symptoms ...
  Bruising the lungs through the nose of the lungs, chronic cold, coughing, difficulty breathing, breathe in the nose, breathe in the mouth, breathing, laughing or talking, and even breathing even after a while. These are the primary symptoms of asthma.
If these are not corrected, sinus, allergy, and then the bronchial allergy, will ultimately develop asthma.
Do not be indifferent!
If children often have problems such as allergies and cold water, it is only a matter of ignorance that it is a "normal problem", causing major damage to asthma.
This is a cough variant asthma.

In addition to environmental and dietary habits, vaccinations for children can sometimes cause allergies. Many years ago, children had no immunizations required. Many of the vaccines are available because of the existing medical development. Although infectious diseases are often blocked, sometimes the disease
The resistance power will vary and the scope of their subjects will change. The immune disorder, which is known as immune disorder, begins to travel from a path that leads to pathogenesis and leads to allergies. This is called hygiene hypothesis.
Early treatment is essential!
Asthma can be completely cured if detected early on. At the same time, it is possible to fully control the vulnerability of the problem to the asthma problem. Once the asthma is diagnosed, the steroid inhaler and bronchodilator inhaler can be used to prevent inflammation. This instrument helps to restore the movement of the shaky bronchi and make it easier to breathe.
Unexplained, untreated pre-existing asthma stability and risk of death. There is no change in the condition of the asthma that children and adolescents have. After the formal treatment of infants who are old enough to have a baby, they will have major damage after they become adults. Children with asthma are more likely to breathe without breathing, lack of proper diet, lack of attention in the study, and lack of anxiety. If you have asthma, you can find it early in the morning and do not take asthma because of adequate precautions, "says Dr. Sridhar.
Prevent children from getting asthma
In the invisible, dust mite called dust mite, the only thing that can be seen in the microcosm, the pillow, the pet, the dowel, the mat and the children's games. They survive the dead cells of man. This 'dust mite' is the only thing we have to sleep in the nose after a few hours to begin to work and cause allergies. This is why children are sleeping, difficult to breathe, breathe through the mouth, and perform breathless whistling. So, the bedroom should be cleaned periodically and the clothes used by the children should be washed daily and dried in the sun.

Use the Dust Mite Mattress and Pillow Covers which are sold in the stores for the pillow and bed and can often clean up the 'Dust Mite' Pooch. Dust Mite can be avoided because carpet is too high.
When children take books that are not used for long periods, the dirt in their diapers makes it easier for the baby to go to the nose and cause allergies. Children's books and school bags are often to be cleaned.
If the babies are not cleaned for long periods, the baby may often be infected when the baby jumps and plays.
Dust and invisible germs can be spread by children and adults by cultivation.
The smoke from the mosquito and chemicals used to drive mosquitoes can cause increased allergies to children. Avoid the use of chemicals to eradicate mosquitoes.
Cockroaches should be prevented from causing allergies.
 Children go home, lie down and roll around in the house. Hence, the house should not be debris, and the water will not be stagnant and the children should not be taken away.
Because the pollution is high, children need to wear a mask while driving on the roads and playing outside. Allergic reaction will decrease. Preventing children from traveling to more areas of air pollution.
Today, most children do not have to work in such a way that they are playing physically and physically. TV, watching cell phone, junk food eaten inside the house. This causes the problem of obesity. Allergies are caused by healthy diet. Children need healthy food, drinking water and clean air. From early childhood, exercise, walking, swimming training, breathing exercises can help prevent asthma.
It is necessary to breastfeed for the first two years of the baby's birth and avoiding feeding the powder from cow's milk to a child's age. The fluid, solid, balanced diet should be given to the baby's growth every year.
Periodically, five-year-old children can be taken to the doctor by checking whether the child's breathing is normal or has been reduced or have asthma symptoms.
Asthma and Balance!
As astronomers have become the biggest problem in the world, the study of the University of South Carolina is still shocking. In children with asthma, 51% have been reported to be suffering from obesity. Many scholars have concluded that studies have shown that metabolic disorders and Type 2 diabetes can be caused by asthma.

Air pollution is the primary cause of asthma in childhood and has been confirmed to increase the number of respiratory and metabolic problems.

At the end of this study, most children have been shown to be responsible for childhood asthma because of the lack of adequate physical work, exercise, and eating habits.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Beauty tips for eyes

It is our eyes that glow our face. The colonies should be applied on top of the night and the potatoes in the lower part of the eye.
In the morning, the eyes will be bright. To go to the embryos, turmeric and mint must be mixed with rosewater.
Cut the pulses into milk and put them on the bottom of the eyes and grind the eye. The cataracts will disappear. Vintage will be cooled or rounded with eyes and eyes.
If you have a gastrointestinal tissue in the sauna, the glyphos will quickly disappear. Nandiavattu washed with water in a white cloth and the eyes around the eyes are bright. Eyes smoothed out of the water in the water, and the eyes are cool and bright enough to breathe.
Put a thin white cloth on the skin and put it on the eyes and put on top of the mixture. This should be 30 minutes. This is enough to do 5 days.
The location of the cervix is ​​unknown. Even in the absence of proper sleep, the nervous system will appear in the eyes. The sleep should last at least eight hours.
The cucumber should be washed in the face and washed after an hour. If you continue to do this, the charm of the eye will gradually disappear.
Eyes should be shiny and brighter every day night should have one or two drops of lashes on the eyelids.The skin of the eyes will be bright enough to pack the eyes with coriander juice with butter. Wash the eyes in the morning with the water in the morning with a water pump that takes a pinch of the timbalan spatula and mixes it with water in the water.
Ovulation and eye redness caused by body warming is 100 grams of good and sweet smells.
You need to add lots of vegetables in the diet. Drink at least four liters of water.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Eye care tips

The eyes are very soft. 12 muscles operate around the eyes. Even if one of these causes damage, This makes the eyes look heavy and will soon get tired. The vision is also fading. Painstaking, embroidery, ashtoponia is a disturbance. Watching TV, cinematic eyes will get tired. Pain in the eyes. The thicknesses will be heavy. Headache also comes.

And the continuation of the eye will be blurred. Waking up at night for a long time will also cause eye damage.
Some eye symptoms appear in the eye of the eye and the membrane, the inner edge of the eye lids. Eye redness, drops like eye falling, laceration blotting, eye catching, and water drops. For some, the eyes are always red. People who are alcohol can usually extend the blood vessels.

Similarly, the blood vessels in the white jaw of the eye will expand and appear red. If the amount of alcohol in the blood decreases, the eyes turn to white. Some people who are not alcohol can have a reddish-brown eyes. We can do this by wearing a cool bowl. If you have a reddened eye, you may have a sore throat or eye pressure. People with such a problem should approach the doctor immediately and take treatment.

It is possible that the eyes become red when the jaw virus in the white, bacterial infections, allergy and the drying of the eyes, allergies caused by chemical substances and dusting. Therefore, if you have a small problem, you should consult your doctor and get advice. It is wrong to self-employ. Going without a glass on the two-wheel drive, watching a computer screen, causing eye and tension and water in the eye.

There are two types. Eye rash, soreness, bruising and depression can occur. Another reason is Epiphore. Tears in the eye of the tarpaulin are visible in the eye. In case of such problems, you should approach an eye doctor and get treatment. Eye physician Dr Selvaragham says that the immediate treatment can be avoided, including vision loss.

Safety Method: An eye examination at specific intervals can be detected and corrected early in life. Those with chronic sugar and hypertension are required to keep the disease in control. It is also important to know the symptoms of eye infections. Sudden blindness, obscure sight, lights in the eyes, and appearance of black spots may be a result of osteoarthritis or brain damage.

The glass can be used to protect the eyes from the sun's fibers of the sun. Vitamin A should eat foods like AH and beta carotene rich carrots. You can adjust the visibility by wearing the right glasses. Avoid reading less in light. If you water the eye, do not bother your eyes. You can give warm clock for 10 minutes with your eyes closed.

Those with a red eyes may be able to soak the cloth in aquatic water. Wash hands frequently in case of eye disease. Use it individually for everyone at home. Avoid using eye accessories. Change the pillow daily. Having such practices can reduce the effects of eye disease.


Take a mixture of 50 grams of nitrogen mixture. Make a small piece of cinnamon powder. Take a teaspoon of small onions, a tooth for five tooth and fermented. Leave the oil in a pan and add the mustard, rhizomes, curry leaves, and sauces. Add garlic, small onion and cumin. Then add a little bit of nutmeg and then add alcohol and boil for 5 minutes. Add salt and coriander leaves.

Mixed bread Juice: half a cup of apple, half a cup of bananas, half a cup of black grapes, half cup of melon. Beat the fruit in a mask. Pour mash again and then add milk and juice. This mixed bread juice contains enough vitamin A.

Peel the dough: Cut the chicken powder into flour grinder. Place the chopped nuts and black grams for one hour. Pull the lake ocean. Take the cumin, anise, safflower, curry leaves, and coriander leaves. Grind the pulse of the soiled pulses. Include the powder and cinnamon powder and mix it with the cooked pumpkin and add it to the dried season. Add the desired amount of salt. You need to shoot the oil on the toes. Add less of oil.


Usually the eye problem is more likely to have the body temperature, the headache, the single headache, the infection, the older ones, the more likely to have surgery in the eye. They should avoid dust and smoke. Avoid high brightness, more darkness. People with long-term problems can use drops as a doctor's advice. Vitamin A is also likely to heal quickly by taking a lot of nutrients during an eye attack.

Vitamin A is available in all kinds of green leafy vegetables, bananas, mangoes, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, fish pills and fruit varieties. Everyday must be spinach in the diet. Have three types of juice a day. It is necessary to drink seven liters of water. Avoid fat foods.

Avoiding fried foods in mushroom and oil are good. Walking is necessary everyday for half an hour. The amount of vegetables in the diet should be greater than the size of the rice. Tea, let's eat milk instead of coffee. Food consultant Sangeetha says that if you follow this diet, eye diseases will be immediately cured.

Grandma's Remedies

Those who have a water dilute problem should be taken in equal amounts of ginger, ginger, pepper and jaggery and gil to 15 g.

Oatmeal and odor, heal and eye erosion will be healed if the hindu is tied together and put on the eyes.

Garlic, cumin, ginger, each of the grams to 5 grams. You can find a solution to the water discharge.

Due to the body heat, the problem for the eyes will be reduced by eating garlic and salt together with a salad of fenugreek seeds.

If you mix the dough with the filling of the bowl leaves, the eye will be clear.

Eating a spatula every night can prevent the infection in the eye.

Let's spin your lips in half a vat and heal the odor.

Eye diseases can be healed if the drumstick is not put on the eyes and put on the eyes.

If you put the henna on the grind and put it on the eyes, the water will stand in the eyes.

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10 questions to ask your doctor before surgery

10 questions to ask your doctor before surgery

1. Why do I need surgery?
2. How is the operation?
3. Is replacement surgery?
4. The result of the surgery, risks, side effects, and what?
5. What kind of anesthesia on offer?
6. Prior to surgery, should adhere to what kind?
7. What are the procedures for post-surgery?
8. How many surgeries have you, doctor?
There are facilities in the hospital for surgery 9. How?
10. How much it will cost ... Insurance claims get surgery?

People bond to doctors, the lowest rate in the case of India. In most places,

People do not have doctors to associate freely. Physicians saw fear, teyvamakap watching is going on here for ages. Lack of population according to the number of doctors, physicians and patients due to the workload of the problem, do not speak in detail. Thus, the presence of people not understanding about medicine. Completely unaware of the medical experiences of friends, hoping kulampivitukinranar myth. Thus, at the right time, without proper treatment, can be affected too.
When he went to the hospital, what was the problem, the full asking doctors choose the best treatment for the drawing. Kairaciyana 'Doctor', `well, making surgery the doctor 'enpatarkakavellam, incompletely kettuvitto, nothing ketkamalo do not agree to surgery. The question to ask, surgery, and go into the room to ask a question and do not understand what abuses. Each patient's right to receive advice from a doctor to sort out doubts duty. Before surgery, the patient is a common doubts, questions can be distilled in the 10 things you need to know. They ...
1. Why do I need surgery?

Should be.
2. How is the operation?
With technology advancing day by day the situation, many changes have come operation mode. Surgery will ripple through the stomach is bigger, currently in most places. Small hole surgery, laser, endoscopy, as there have been various forms of modern developments. Of these, the doctor might ask whether the surgery will have to clarify. Specific
Who have already undergone the experience of the person and ask.
3. Is replacement surgery?
In India, there is no shortage of medical treatments. Allopathy, homeopathy. Naturopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, acupuncture, there are many treatment methods. Those who want to have surgery, alternative medicine for certain diseases Is there any solution, it would be right to ask more environmentally telivuperunkal of the body. In response to surgery, pills, drugs, or to be able to avoid surgery by change valviyalmurai aruvaicikiccaiyaik Ask whether it is possible to defer a certain period of time.
4. The result of the surgery, risks, side effects, and what?

5. What kind of anesthesia on offer?
When you have surgery, anesthesia, '' given a sedative. There are several types of anesthesia. Your body will adapt to that required surgery entavitamanap problem, given anesthetics. Will give it as a special doctor. You pokirirkalo take any hospital, in the hospital, you will be given anesthesia hallucinogenic drugs to meet the special nipunaraic and its serious doubts about the need to ask for clarity.
6. Prior to surgery, should adhere to what kind?
Ovvoruvitamana before surgery, patients Dinamo then, the rules of the previous week, there are certain procedures to be followed. For example, for surgeries performed on the abdominal area, will eat on the day of surgery. Just what kind of surgery you have to follow the practice of any diet is needed, such as a need for change in valviyalmurai should ask.
7. What are the procedures for post-surgery?
After having made the operation, which started in order to eat, how to react to the various controls. After he woke up after the operation, the doctor must tell the procedures to be followed. Accordingly, must be prepared, both psychologically and economically. For example, if the tooth pulled out, a day koppalikkakkutatu mouth; Do not eat anything hot. Joint replacement surgery is involved, so as not to sit on the floor of each treatment are some restrictions. Therefore, prior to surgery, such tavalkalai's good to know.
8. How many surgeries have you, doctor?
It is good to know about the surgery, the doctor will make. The doctor, how many surgeries he has done before, ask how to get clarity. He terntavara cesarean done for you, and how to listen to such doubts.
There are facilities in the hospital for surgery 9. How?
It was in the hospital for your surgery entamurai, asking what are the appropriate equipment, to learn by seeing. Despite how big the hospital, it is necessary to examine whether the facility is good. Because, in a hospital in Chennai recently, oxygen cylinders act without electricity lost in the flood. Keep it in mind. It was not alone; X-ray, MRI, etc. multiple tests, to ensure that there would clear the respective field.
10. How much it will cost ... Insurance claims get surgery?
Done for you surgery ententak reasons, how much it costs ... Overall, approximately how much the bill comes ... you have insurance taken, claims get ... max how claims will be ... Klein available and what needs to be done ... Insurance claims to balance how much money it will cost ... surgery after the completion of my Enna tablet, drugs need to eat ... how much it will cost to ... enter their tavarraik telivuperunkal ask. After the surgery, the number of times that it is necessary to know to follow up.

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5 interesting facts about Every woman's breasts

Every woman's breasts vary in size. Women's breasts are very much looking forward to know about every boy. So far, things have read many of the female breast.

5 interesting facts you did not know about women's breasts, breast, marbagam, pengal marbagam peridhaga iruppadhu, siriya marbagam unmaigal, pannin maarbagam 5 theriyaadha

But below are some of the things you will accariyamataiyac. Here are some interesting facts about the women's breasts.

    Exercises to help women with breast development

 # 1

This study analyzed nearly 1200 women. Women with large breasts, which were known to be in excess of the I.Q..

 # 2

In another study with larger breasts, short ituppalavaik found that women's reproductive organs are healthy.

    Women's Breast massage methods to grow bigger.

 # 3

With small breasts, women with wide ituppalavaik, studies suggest that men are more attracted. Therefore, for such men to be a little careful. Before participating to a man, the man with the full knowledge about the need to socialize.

 # 4

Do you undergo surgery to get beautiful breasts? Change the idea immediately.

 # 5

Not like women with big breasts from all ankalukkume. In a study on this issue, the British men, women with large breasts in men choosing sexual dealings with the idea said.

    What is the main element that attracts men to women, you know ..?


5 interesting facts you did not know about women's breasts, breast, marbagam, pengal marbagam peridhaga iruppadhu, siriya marbagam unmaigal, pannin maarbagam 5 theriyaadha

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Vasalgel - it's better to have safe $ēx without a pill.

vasalgel - it's better to have safe $ēx without a pill.

Candom, it's better to have safe $ēx without a pill. For one year, did not care. No condom to prevent pregnancy, contraception .. It is not necessary to have. For one year, did not care.

Candom? 'No,' says Vice ... But you look at the abortion pill 'katups' What? Your $ēx life 'Hold' akitum. Dont orri ... Candomo year, pill-free, safe $ēx is 'vasalgel'. Is it a wonder? First you have to say thanks to science!

In the 12 months muyalkalitat 'vasal gel' (Vasalgel) medical testing carried out on the gel contraceptive medication, durable protection
Providing the US city of Chicago Illinois University Professor Donald Waller has confirmed. "US-based non-profit organization established by the company parcimas containing material haitrojel 'vasal gel' because it is easily soluble in nature, suitable for rapid sterilization. When the injection of the sperm production of the male reproductive tract immediately in addition to the payment, he said it will give up to one year safer $ēx.

"Vasal gel" Our suspicions about Dr. andrologist sritev asked Bharata. "This is a good invention. Vasectomy condom for men and only solution now is to karuttataikkut. In this case, when Vasectomy surgery, the cause of their being permanently unable to reproduce because the men would want. If you use condoms when engaging in $ēx, being unable to complete the other dissatisfied. Women, the contraceptive pills now, all other contraceptives are known to cause side effects.

The marriage of the couple, the 'interim order' are imposed. "Vasal gel 'by placing the needle piracnaiyillatat a year, and was a welcome discovery. However, in our country with a high population, poor people's purchasing caktiye deciding factor. People to suit the application, and if its price, since all the cantekamillaienkirar sritev reach.
To prevent pregnancy, Antharangam, privacy, vasal gel, safe $ēx

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White spots on the tongue, why conjunctiva occurs, What are the treatments?

White spots on the tongue, why conjunctiva occurs, What are the treatments?

tongue enjoys the food we eat. The first start of the digestion of the tongue that is secreted in saliva. For some, like flour on the tongue and conjunctival, points occur. Whatever the reason, not knowing that dental flossing daily breakfast finishes, Tongue kilinaraikkontu compressing and rubbing. Thus, the knock on the wounds, pain, irritation, swelling suffer throughout the day. White spots on the tongue, conjunctival, etc. Why are there, let's see what ivarrukkuc treatments.

Normal conjunctival

Debris (Debris) caused by the bacteria and dead cells in the tongue, conjunctival this category. Debris is a normal bacteria. Dentists swipe, rough at the back of the tongue brush cleaning pakutiyaikkontu to do well, the bacteria away.

Oral tras (Oral Thrush)
Alpikans Candida (Candida albicans), a fungal infection of these white spots on the tongue occur. Between the ages of 15 and over the age of 50 are more likely to occur.
People are less resistant to disease, who have had heart surgery, those being treated with dialysis, kidney transplantation who have neurological diseases, high blood pressure, people with diabetes who are these white spots.

Vegetables, figs, dates, including fruits, nuts, greens by incorporating in the diet improves the body's immune system. If any of these effects of diseases, treatment for the disease that took kattuppatuttinale white spots disappear.
Plenas laiken Oral (Oral lichen planus)
Mucous membrane in the mouth due to the problem of the layer (myukkas) cause inflammation. As a result, oral laitikan plenas erpatukiratuullankai, the inside of the cheek, the swan, cause damage in parts of the tongue. Itching, pain, swelling occurs. Very rarely, become vayppurruno.
Extreme stress, various diseases more pills, painkillers can lead to eating.
Eating spicy foods, spices, this may be due to alcoholism.
After a medical examination, if necessary, from the very small size of the tongue of flesh removed, a biopsy will be testing.
Doctor's advice on dental creams to cure it is served.
Smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, avoiding eating healthy foods, natural remedy for this.
Liyukopilakkiya (Leukoplakia)
For those palcet building, which does not fit properly in the jaw, then it will affect the gate layer in the myukkas. Thus, the cause liyukopilakkiya.
Irregular sharp teeth, myukkas liyukopilakkiya affects the layer. Besides, smoking, vayppurrunoy individuals, a symptom caused by this problem.
By cesarean regulate irregular teeth, the solution is to abandon pukaippalakkattaik.

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9 Foods for Healthy Liver

9 Foods for Healthy Liver

Liver store house, where Iron, Vitamins and Minerals are accumulated. It has great importance in body metabolism. This makes bile juice, which helps in digesting food. But we can not pay attention to this due to our busy routine and it becomes sour. Today, we will tell you some diet that you can include in your diet and keep the liver healthy.


Vitamin C contains high amounts which protects the liver from being damaged. It also prevents carcinogens from being collected in the liver.


Garlic has a lot of nutrition which helps to clean the liver. It creates enzyme in the liver so that it can absorb nutritious elements and get rid of dirty substances.

Root vegetables

Diet containing flavonoids, it repairs levissant cells such as beet, carrot, potato etc., allowing the liver to function properly.

Green tea

It contains anti oxidant which exits free radicals from the liver and cleans the dirt early.

Green leafy vegetables

This proves to be very helpful in extracting toxic elements from the liver. The chlorophyll element present in it reduces the effects of hazardous chemicals in the liver. Vegetables such as spinach, leaf cabbage, bitter gourd etc. are extremely beneficial for bile synthesis.


There is monosaccharide fat with the glutathonin compound present in it, which helps to clean cells and tissues with the cleaning of the liver. By taking it always improves the lining of the liver so that the liver remains healthy.


By eating an apple daily, the liver is healthy.

whole grains

In this vitamin B complex is found in good quantities which balances fat. Brown rice, multi grain flour and soy flour are very good for liver.

Olive oil

Olive oil, when used in fine quantities, provides the perfect lipid base for the liver. This reduces the load of dirt, making the liver's work longer and easier.

15 Home remedies for the treatment of liver disease

15 Household remedies for the treatment of liver disease

Our liver plays an important role in the metabolism of sugars, fats, and iron. This organ reduces the fat in the body by producing the urtus. Liver also helps in the production of protein and blood clots. Symptoms of liver disease include fatigue, weakness, weight loss, nausea, vomiting and jaundice. If more than 75% of tissues of the liver are damaged, then it affects the functioning of the liver.

The liver can easily regenerate its damaged cells. If more than 75% of liver cells are destroyed then they are unable to meet the needs of the body. Liver diseases can be treated by some home remedies and medicines. However, in the event of liver failure, you may have to resort to liver transplant.

1 apple vinegar:
 Apple vinegar exits the toxic substances present in the liver. Before applying the apple vinegar, it reduces the fat of the body. Mix one teaspoon apple vinegar in a glass of water. Now mix one spoonful honey in this mixture. So drink this mixture three times a day.

2 Milk Thistle:

Milk Thistle This herb is useful for many diseases of liver disease. According to some evidence, this herb helps to remove viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, mushrooms and toxicity of chemicals from the body. Take this herb in the amount of 900 mg twice before meals twice a day.

3 root of Kukorunda tea:

The root of the Kukorunda root, you will find the root of Kukorunda root in the market very easily. Eating tea made from this powder improves the functioning of the liver. To get more profit, drink this tea twice a day. If you wish, by boiling the root in water, you can drink and drink water.

4 Childrens:
This is a great solution for people with obesity. In Ayurvedic medicines, Muthri is used for the treatment of liver diseases. Make a root powder of Muthooti! Now put this powder in boiling water. Let it stay for a few minutes and filter after cooling. Drink this tea flavored water once or twice a day.

5 staff:
 This is one of the most enduring sources of vitamin C and its consumption maintains the efficiency of the liver. Studies have proven that elements in the liver have protecting the liver. For the health of the liver, you should eat 4 to 5 raw meals a day.

6 turmeric:
 Turmeric acts as an antioxidant drug and antiseptic properties present in it help a lot to improve the health of the liver. Prolonged healing of turmeric helps prevent hepatitis B and C virus from growing. Use turmeric in your recipes. Drink half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk before sleeping at night. Mix one spoonful of turmeric in a spoonful of honey every day.

7 Papaya:
 Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice and drink it in two teaspoons of papaya juice every day. Use this mixture for three to four weeks to get rid of this disease completely.

8 linseed seed:
 The liver removes the unwanted hormones present in the blood and is the cause of stress of the liver. Pithoconstituent in the seeds of linseed inhibits the growth of unwanted hormones in the blood, and thus reduces the stress of the liver.

9 spinach and carrot juice:
 This home remedy is very beneficial in the treatment of liver cirrhosis. Mix half glass of carrot juice in half glass spinach juice. Now drink this natural juice daily.

10 Rookie and Walnuts:
 If you want to protect your liver from the attack of diseases, then include ruchira and nut in your diet. Glutene, present in the Ruchira and the nut, exits the toxins accumulated in the liver.

11 Stay away from alcohol:
 If you want to keep your liver healthy then stay away from alcohol. Drinking alcohol can spoil your liver.

12 apples and green vegetables:
 Green vegetables increase the flow of bile and the pectin present in the apples exits the toxic substances located in the digestive tract. In this way, both of these protect the liver.

13 Make:
 By regular exercise, the person's digestive system works properly and also helps in weight loss. Exercise comes sweating, and through the skin, the toxic substances get out of the body.

14 Drink more water:
 Water exits the toxins present in the body, so Rajana drinks plenty of water. Drink 10-12 glasses of water per day to get rid of your liver healthy and toxic substances.

15 green tea:
 This is a great remedy for liver diseases. Green tea contains high amounts of caricina, which helps in the functioning of the liver. Drink 3-4 cups of green tea every day to keep your liver safe.

Types of liver disease, causes of liver disease

Types of liver disease, causes of liver disease

What is liver disease?

Dr. Nayyar, Mandal, MD

The liver is one of the largest solid organs in the body. It is located in the upper right part of the stomach. Most of the organ is under the guise of rib cage.

Liver function
It does its job even on the size of the liver that makes it very important.

Its major functions include passing through the stomach to food processing and converting it into energy that can be used by the body.

It also handles a powerful detoxification center that cleans drugs and blood to many chemicals, alcohol, poison and toxic substances.

The liver also makes bile and collects it in a small pouch just like the organism called the gallstones. This helps the bile digestion, especially fats.

Liver anatomy
The liver is divided into two major lobes that have been further divided into lobules.

Liver blood supply gets refreshed by the liver artery. It also receives blood from the portal vein that brings in blood rich in nutrients made from intestines or intestines.

Blood from the portal vein "Nutrient sale" and "cleaning" came from toxic substances in the liver.

Liver helps in processing or metabolizing nutrients such as glucose, cholesterol, medicines, etc. iron shops.

The liver is only one of the organs of the human body that can regenerate its own damaged tissues. Although leading to liver failure the liver with repeated damage and persistent injury can fail to do its functions. Liver failure can also sometimes be lethal. (1)

Causes of liver disease
Liver disease can vary in causation.

They may be of short duration, acute liver disease or long term, chronic liver disease. An acute liver disease can also be converted to a chronic liver disease over time.

Some liver diseases are caused by hepatitis viruses (A, B and C).

Liver disease also results in taking some medicines or alcohol over long periods of time. Occasionally the more diseased liver injury is contracted and becomes longer.

This condition is called cirrhosis. Other organs like liver can also suffer from cancer. (2)

Types of liver disease
Alcohol-related liver disease is one of the common venom-induced liver disease worldwide. In normal cases, liver alcohol breaks down in the body.

During a long period of time, a lot more intake liver fails to perform its functions leading to the condition called alcoholic lever disease.

There are three types of liver disease related to alcohol: fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, and finally the drug can be cirrhosis.

Alcohol-related swelling changes and ultimately begins the disease of the liver as accumulating fat on the liver after scarring or cirrhosis irreversible tissue.

Hepatitis phase goes to liver and damage inflammation. If alcohol is stopped, changes in the initial stages of alcohol liver disease can be reversed (3)

Liver disease can also be called non-alcoholic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It results in fat deposits on the liver and is seen in individuals with obese, diabetes and high blood cholesterol. It can affect 2-5% of the general population. (4)

Liver disease is a comprehensive term that includes all the conditions that cause the imbalance or unrest of the liver's functions.

Liver disease is also called liver disease. Since it is a big organ, almost two thirds of liver to show most individuals in the liver to be affected for symptoms.

If there is a very high blood pressure portal in the portal vein condition is termed high blood pressure. It can lead to increased stomach, cirrhosis, ascitis, bleeding, enlarged spleen, and sometimes jaundice. The bleeding may occur in the esophagus or through the rectum.

Portal hypertension is often the result of chronic liver disease that results from liver cirrhosis.

Portal hypertension can also sometimes lead to a condition where the brain is affected and that person can go into coma called the liver encephalopathy. This is usually accompanied by liver failure. (5)

By April Cashin-Garbutt, edited BA Honors (Cantab)

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5 simple ways to protect your eyes

5 simple ways to protect your eyes

Simple exercises for the eyes, simple 5 ways to protect your eyes, know better vision, clarity of vision, vision is correct, ways to improve eyesight, you have impaired vision- Seeming blurred vision, blurred vision, enhance eye sight

If we see the spectacle of the world's wonders in the retina, a thin element helps. Our eyes are the most susceptible to the risk of making such a great job and creep. Enough to follow the simple steps to defend it.

    According to most any fuss when the eyes, tired eyes persisted to be read.

    Kantekt lens or glasses for use according to need.

    Do not solely the visual line of computer monitors.

    Given the need to take a break from working on a computer in small
Foods suitable for the eyes

    We need to eat foods that lettuce week irantumuraiya
    Fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil is essential to the eyes
    Types of natural foods with coloring cerkkalam
    Eggs, butter is eaten twice a week
Eyes arokiyattirku

    Regularly check your eyes
    Avoid reading on the go
    Always read the book to keep at a distance of 40 cm
    Read in good light
    Sitting straight to work, socialize,
    Good sleep is essential
    Smoking refinements
    Wash your eyes with cold water in times of need
Some simple exercises for the eyes essentials
Yoga, swimming, jogging, etc. How much physical exercise is important to train our eyes is required for the same amount. Cause the eyes to keep your eyes healthy and reduce fatigue. Varamaliruppatarkum lead to any problems in the eyes.
Sit comfortably in a chair, palm rubbing the eyes after that heat mutikollavum palm. When doing so, do not stress too much over the eyeballs. Mukkona mutikkollumpati by the hands and nose should be.
When you close your eyes and realize the darkness, thinking that time many happy events, breathed in and out, slowly than that. As it should be up to 3 minutes.
Mutikontum eyes tightly for 3-5 seconds, then hold for 3-5 seconds to open. Repeat this 7 or 8 times.Eye Massage
Hot and cold water massage
Cold and warm water, thinking abnormal, eyebrows, eyelids closed, and press on the cheeks. To both interchangeably. Last solely to the pressure on the cold water.
Full facial massage
Dip a towel in hot water, except for the eyes, neck, head and all parts of the cheeks, to rubbing. Then, fingers gently massage the forehead and eyes closed.
Eyelid massage
Massage in circular movements of the fingers for 1-2 minutes to cover the numbers. After washing his hands clean, we need to press more lightly pressed.
Two hands with three fingers gently press the upper eyelids. Then, from 1-2 seconds and then release the aluttiyavaru intact. Repeat this 5 times.
Sit quietly, eyes would rotate to the right and then the left side. Repeat 5 times, so every time the Blink your eyes.
Seconds on a distant object (over 150 feet or 50 meters) refer. Then, slowly, eyes on the nearest object (at a distance of 30 feet or 10 meters) and look for 10-15 seconds. Refer back to the distant object. Repeat this 5 times.
Put a pencil to stretch the elbow, moving slowly coming to the front of the nose. Pay attention to the movement of the eyes, staring at the pencil. Repeat this 10 times.
Try to write your own eyes that saw the wall opposite the head, moving the cursor to write. It will be difficult at first if repeated, then get used to.
See acakkamal head up and down. It should be up to 8 times. Then, move to the left and right. Even up to 8 times. During its course, it goes on the eyes, forcing us to look in the wrong direction. Making it worse vision.
When the eye is not always able to exercise, good finish, rub the palms. Following the exercises for a long time, rather than making each day better for a while. These kind of exercises are best for those who work in front of the computer.
Easy day at the office for processing on your computer ovvoru likes few seconds, then your eyes payircikalaiyo mentioned above or refer to things in the distance.
Source: Natural Medicine - Daily News

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