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Health Benefits of Palm jaggery

The clinical benefits of palm jaggery | Health Benefits of palm jaggery

The clinical benefits of palm jaggery.
And in sharp contrast jaggery sugar pakaiyo us how many of our close friend. Medical benefits pananPalm jaggery infinite.
Like sugar and has enabled us to break free from the impact of various diseases is healing jaggery
. Today, in contrast to the advantage of jaggery sugar properly without the appropriate medical care and drugs for most diseases will avaciyamillamale.
"Food is medicine", which asks every contracting party, the time required for the environment will be essential for the body at the time of matching offers jaggery. Is consistent with the balance of body movement.
palm jaggery's medical benefits:
1. Palm jaggery is high in iron and calcium. This increases the immunity.
2 vittam the-P, and amino acids, rich jaggery controls diabetes.
3 paruvam jaggery reaching women, including black gram Dal has more uluntankali uterus are healthy. The more fiber.
Vatakkic along with spinach  
4 kuppaimenik Palm jaggeryyaic eats dry cough, chronic calit rid of nuisance.
5 Palm jaggery and numerous vitamins, mineral nutrients are available.
6 karup bar to cool the body naturally. In which 'kilaicimi Index' mixing sugar levels in the body, affecting more than white sugar reduces below.
7 carkkaraikkup jaggery instead of drinking coffee. Lime and gum disease are the most resistant. The patients also drink sugar ...
Suitable for children 
8 Palm jaggery pudding. Young adults prefer to jaggery.
Giving the industriousness 9 Palm jaggeryirattattai cuttikarittuutal
10. menipalapalappai receive.
11 Palm jaggery eaten with lime to clean the body
If you eat well and hungry along with jaggery roasted 
12 cirakattai Removal of gas when eaten along with jaggery 
13 omattai nuisance.
14 karumpucakkarai jaggery instead use stronger parkalumelumpukalum
15 nirilivu patients (diabetes patients) kaikuttalaricicatat mixed with jaggery cappittuvant control the amount of sugar are often reduced urine flow.
17 kulantaikal continue to consume calcium is necessary for namutal
Karppapa 18cukkuPalm jaggery to bag more suitable for women.
For 19c, pepper and jaggery mix of women with child eats milk nanrakacur

20 antatay-available nutrients good for the baby to drink milk.
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