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Vasalgel - it's better to have safe $ēx without a pill.

vasalgel - it's better to have safe $ēx without a pill.

Candom, it's better to have safe $ēx without a pill. For one year, did not care. No condom to prevent pregnancy, contraception .. It is not necessary to have. For one year, did not care.

Candom? 'No,' says Vice ... But you look at the abortion pill 'katups' What? Your $ēx life 'Hold' akitum. Dont orri ... Candomo year, pill-free, safe $ēx is 'vasalgel'. Is it a wonder? First you have to say thanks to science!

In the 12 months muyalkalitat 'vasal gel' (Vasalgel) medical testing carried out on the gel contraceptive medication, durable protection
Providing the US city of Chicago Illinois University Professor Donald Waller has confirmed. "US-based non-profit organization established by the company parcimas containing material haitrojel 'vasal gel' because it is easily soluble in nature, suitable for rapid sterilization. When the injection of the sperm production of the male reproductive tract immediately in addition to the payment, he said it will give up to one year safer $ēx.

"Vasal gel" Our suspicions about Dr. andrologist sritev asked Bharata. "This is a good invention. Vasectomy condom for men and only solution now is to karuttataikkut. In this case, when Vasectomy surgery, the cause of their being permanently unable to reproduce because the men would want. If you use condoms when engaging in $ēx, being unable to complete the other dissatisfied. Women, the contraceptive pills now, all other contraceptives are known to cause side effects.

The marriage of the couple, the 'interim order' are imposed. "Vasal gel 'by placing the needle piracnaiyillatat a year, and was a welcome discovery. However, in our country with a high population, poor people's purchasing caktiye deciding factor. People to suit the application, and if its price, since all the cantekamillaienkirar sritev reach.
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