Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Eight-shaped walk by Ancient Tamil People

The synthesis of eight-shaped walk by Ancient Tamil People

The admirably simple method of obtaining health

The best means of synthesis

A daily walk for 30 to 60 minutes

By adopting health improved, to protect them from various diseases. It's best to walk normally does not exceed what is happening in the form of eight.

Tips for training

Please draw. Please draw it north to south face. As in the film, just like the path of the arrow marked "1" is the beginning of "5" will go up again, "1" will come.

When you walk too rapid or too slow . Need to walk more naturally.

Every morning and evening for 15 - 30 minutes walk

Extraordinary. Time to walk in the morning or
Evening hours 5 - 6 (am or pm). Go out
Could not happen at home. Well and truly benefit,
This exercise intermittently
Must be at least 21 days.
Walk to the end of the silent walk.
Pray magic happen in the mind.
use Praana familiar to seals if  The seal is possible.

The training from south to north

Or from north to south
Want. At the end of the 15th minute of irunacittuvarankal
Inhaled through the breath and feel it. Then
Nataippayirciyanatu continue for a further 15 minutes
Want. In the intervening time,
Carry out or evaporates automatically umilvatalo Bronchitis may resort.


This exercise morning and evening 1 hour

If we were blood on the palm and fingers
If you feel the flow-red. 70-year-old
At the age of 50 will be reduced. Diabetes, dementia and reduced youth .. completely recovered. Kulircciyin cause headache, constipation

Cuvacikkappatum breathing oxygen goes inside the 5 kg fully repealed Bronchitis. Two Nazis in Nazi caused by breathing in fully

Gets relief from colds.
Increases eyesight, glass factory
Excluded from the team. Others
Point of no more than spectacles

Increases in the ears of the hearing. 5 kg of excess energy the body gets oxygen into the body.

If we do this exercise in the mornings and 1 hour (Hernia) kutalirakkanoy healed. If the blood pressure level walk


If irantuvelai 30 minutes, Foot rash, pain, joint pains disappear. Old, iyalatorum walk, with the help of others to benefit by wheelchair.

Everyday 'eight' walk, so we can live healthy. Obesity, blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, eye diseases, nasal congestion, insomnia, arthritis, back pain, depression, etc. are critical noykalkuta gradually recovered completely. Good
The benefit of this exercise intermittently
Must be at least 21 days. Hail
Nalamutanum valamutanum.


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