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White spots on the tongue, why conjunctiva occurs, What are the treatments?

White spots on the tongue, why conjunctiva occurs, What are the treatments?

tongue enjoys the food we eat. The first start of the digestion of the tongue that is secreted in saliva. For some, like flour on the tongue and conjunctival, points occur. Whatever the reason, not knowing that dental flossing daily breakfast finishes, Tongue kilinaraikkontu compressing and rubbing. Thus, the knock on the wounds, pain, irritation, swelling suffer throughout the day. White spots on the tongue, conjunctival, etc. Why are there, let's see what ivarrukkuc treatments.

Normal conjunctival

Debris (Debris) caused by the bacteria and dead cells in the tongue, conjunctival this category. Debris is a normal bacteria. Dentists swipe, rough at the back of the tongue brush cleaning pakutiyaikkontu to do well, the bacteria away.

Oral tras (Oral Thrush)
Alpikans Candida (Candida albicans), a fungal infection of these white spots on the tongue occur. Between the ages of 15 and over the age of 50 are more likely to occur.
People are less resistant to disease, who have had heart surgery, those being treated with dialysis, kidney transplantation who have neurological diseases, high blood pressure, people with diabetes who are these white spots.

Vegetables, figs, dates, including fruits, nuts, greens by incorporating in the diet improves the body's immune system. If any of these effects of diseases, treatment for the disease that took kattuppatuttinale white spots disappear.
Plenas laiken Oral (Oral lichen planus)
Mucous membrane in the mouth due to the problem of the layer (myukkas) cause inflammation. As a result, oral laitikan plenas erpatukiratuullankai, the inside of the cheek, the swan, cause damage in parts of the tongue. Itching, pain, swelling occurs. Very rarely, become vayppurruno.
Extreme stress, various diseases more pills, painkillers can lead to eating.
Eating spicy foods, spices, this may be due to alcoholism.
After a medical examination, if necessary, from the very small size of the tongue of flesh removed, a biopsy will be testing.
Doctor's advice on dental creams to cure it is served.
Smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, avoiding eating healthy foods, natural remedy for this.
Liyukopilakkiya (Leukoplakia)
For those palcet building, which does not fit properly in the jaw, then it will affect the gate layer in the myukkas. Thus, the cause liyukopilakkiya.
Irregular sharp teeth, myukkas liyukopilakkiya affects the layer. Besides, smoking, vayppurrunoy individuals, a symptom caused by this problem.
By cesarean regulate irregular teeth, the solution is to abandon pukaippalakkattaik.


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