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Palm water medicinal benefits

Palm water medicinal properties:

Today we talk about old and not merely varattuvatam. In fact, we should change the soil. In a previous post stated that the issue of vaccination patanir in Jaffna. So this post is about, try counting as importing patanir this time. Panamatumattum patanir not a vegetarian is that this is our tamilateciya drink. It was pure and that stimulating the special.Dear alone. Doing this on a large scale in our country for medical use of the enormous variety of activities and may nikkavallatu diseases. This patanirilum, palm vellattilum saw all know that there is no feed. Patanir eliminating leprosy disease Patanir down from the palm tree in the morning one day, lying down in the evening sipping panaiolaippa using panaiviciriyiyai Enjoy the food in the bowl panaiolai panaiolai leprosy 96 days if the carrier has to leave orumaruttuv note. Menopause ban Menstruation, uterine pain blocked so. Blood stung Take 50 grams of fenugreek seeds lightly roasted mix used in the morning and evening twice properly mixed with 50 ml hot patanir aruntivara mula cools down blood dysentery. Mix used, as well as half a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with 50 ml dose in the morning and dropping patanir tontaippun peptic ulcer, thermal droppings, droppings removal of mucous. Patanir This is a characteristic of our national beverage eighty patanir we know this is the cause of unemployment is banned in Tamil Nadu Tamils ​​die Patanirum wins the job will it be? Besides, this is also an enchant other items by unloading patanir (aracuvirpatutan) kuraiyumtane sale? So payanataiyatu capitalism itself? The coming of the new aracakilum patanir vaypalittu panaiporutkalai market forced the people to die and take action. Orukuvalai (250 ml) in patanir nutrients .8 Grams of sugar 28 Alkali 7 kiram 35 .4 mg calcium 5 .5 mg iron 32 .4 mg Phosphorus 82 3 mg of thiamine 44 .5 mg of ripopila .2 Acukarpik acid 12 mg .1 Nicotinic acid 674 mg .7 Mg Protein 49 113 calories, 3 mg The fiber considered in the women's karukkalat / Peru eliminates constipation caused by time. Strengthening everyone's heart. In which the calcium strengthen bones. Adding an aphrodisiac . Beautiful palm tree ... ... often comes to mind frequently comes to mind ... Save disease cittamaruttuvam win
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