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Ayurvedic treatments for Hyper acidity

Ayurvedic treatments for Hyper acidity

What we eat, the right way is important Pcna. Our stomach secretes an acid digestion process which is very necessary for digestion. Many times more than the required amount of acid that is produced, resulting in heartburn and Farinks and stomach pain and discomfort in the middle of the path would realize. This condition is known as hyperacidity or acid peptic disease.

Hyperacidity due to: -

Are common causes of acidity, eating disorder, do not chew food properly, and do not drink enough water, and more. Sevnkrna spicy and junk food diets are also other causes of acidity. Also stressed and in a hurry to eat and eat and smoking and drinking are also due to hyperacidity Hankamasy normally produces gastric juice to digest food. But Amasyik gland seems to be in excess of gastric juice acidity of the plurality of Haidoclorik acid is causing problems. Amasy Ksine indigestion irritation and blisters are the major symptoms of the disease. Heavy food intake also increases the acidity of the trouble. And do not snack in the morning and stay hungry longer than acidity could bother you.

Excess alcohol intake.
Using more chili-spicy food items
Some English painkiller pills that cause hyperacidity disease.
After the meal are growing signs of acidity.
On lying down at night hyperacidity symptoms become furious.

Hyperacidity symptoms: -

* Feeling of irritation in Kpet
* Ksine irritation
* Realize Kmtli
* Kdkar come
* Kkhane less interested in drinking
* Feeling of irritation in Kpet

Ayurvedic treatment of hyperacidity: -

* Kadrk juice:
Rsmilakr lemon and honey ginger drink, irritation of the stomach is relieved.

* Kashwgandha:
Hunger and Ashwagandha helps in the treatment of diseases related stomach irritation occurs.

* Kbbuna:
It reduces stress-related stomach irritation.

By Chandan therapy for the treatment of hyperacidity ages standing medical system. Sandal cooling problems related to gas facilities.

* Kcirayta:
Using salicylic stomach irritation and stomach upsets such as diarrhea helps to recover.

* Kilaychi:
Burning chest to fix Cardamom is helpful.

The acidity of the stomach and chest burns fixes.

* Klhsun:
Garlic panacea for all ailments of the stomach works.

Fenugreek leaves are helpful in stomach irritation.

* Ksunf:
Fennel also proves to be useful in treating stomach irritation. It is a kind of mild laxative, and infants and children to overcome the problems associated with digestion and acidity also helps.

Home remedies for acidity: -

* Kvitamin B and E. Eat more vegetables.
* Kwyayam and physical activity.
Kkhana after dinner drinks * Avoid any kind.
* Kbadam intake that help reduce irritation of your chest.
* Kkira, cucumber and melon drink more.
* Kpani lemon drink mix, it also reduces inflammation of the chest.
* Kniamit the mint juice drink.
* Ktulsi leaves much relief from acidity and nausea warrant.
* Drink more water to Knaril
* Shah cumin acidity is preventive. One and a half liters of water 2 tablespoons
Add cumin Shah. Boil for 10-15 minutes. Remove it in moderately warm condition
Drink 3 times a day. Siditi is controlled by the use of a couple of weeks.
* After a little food in the mouth with good suck nuggets. Salutary measure.
* Morning 2-3 glasses of water and drink it. You will see that this measure acidity
Buddy helps in prevention.
* Basil leaves two to four times per day is beneficial in acidity from Chew.
* A glass of water, add 2 teaspoons fennel Ubalenkrat placed throughout. Filter in the morning and drink a teaspoon of honey. The best treatment is Siditi control.
* Amla is a fruit of the body, many diseases are destroyed. Fldayi Amla is good to use for prevention of Siditi.
* Pudine gas and acidity of gastric juice and oil Pudine natural preventive substances. See also the capsule.
* Use Flon Niwarnn acidity is beneficial onerous. Especially banana, melon, cucumber and papaya are very profitable.
* 5 grams and 3 grams of cloves Ilaychi Bnalen powder. After placing the food in the mouth, suck powder pinch. The stench of the acidity in the mouth and will also benefit.
* Milk and milk products are considered deadly acidity.
* Pickle, vinegar, fried foods, chili-spiced things to avoid. These acidity increases. Tea, coffee and more bidi, cigarette use acidity problem arises. Try to leave.
Nichoden a lemon in a glass of water *. Lemon Drink in between meals. Acidity will solve.
* Half glass whey (whey) in 15 ml juice of green coriander Mix indigestion, acidity, burning sensation in the chest is niwaaran.
* Twice Tndursti 2-3 kilometers in favor of walking, and it also helps in tackling the problem of acidity.
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