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Indigestion Symptoms & Treatment

At the beginning of the disease the patient is not aware some indigestion. When indigestion do not wish for food, delicious food, and the stomach all the time looking at the full-filled distaste experience. If the disease is detected indigestion. Due to indigestion disease patient is physically very weak.

The distortion is produced when digestion indigestion. Some individuals always have the bad habit of eating more of something. After the meal a man, his digestion is concluded, the first few accounts are distorted digestion. Some people consume more rich and Watkark soft food. Such food digestion is too late and that is when the food is consumed the first meal Adpcha remains. Frequent diners indigestion disease is produced. The disease can also have indigestion indigestion.

Irregular, corrupt and stale food indigestion disease pathology of the digestive system more is produced. According to them, more mental stress in modern surroundings, jealousies and concerned men and women who are suffering from indigestion disease. When all manual labor with more nutritious food, do not sleep during the day when more time is Ujiarn suffer disease problems.

High consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol to someone who is too much indigestion disease. Host-restaurant in a modern setting, tasty, savory juices and foods made from acid, chowmein, noodles, this pizza, burgers and food eater Faust also suffer from indigestion disease.

Symptoms :
Indigestion disease won hunger altogether destroyed. From indigestion chest (thorax) is very jealous. Nausea is coming sour belches. Vomiting also becomes impaired. Food is odium. Indigestion disease Ugravstha head dizzy, eyes dark and the front of delirium symptoms appear. Anemia patients are victims of indigestion. No blood is rapidly evolving to become a physical weakness.

Air collected from abdominal Adyaman (Afare) the deformation occurs. When abdominal colic. Heart beats of swing and is very uncomfortable to the patient. Delay in treatment of indigestion in the stomach seems to be gas. Indigestion disease, constipation (constipation) is high. Aantron of stool collected more distress. Intestinal colic, acidity and fever may also occur.

Eat and what?

* Cloth made of coriander and ginger, filter sip.
* Lemon juice twice a day, add water, mix Egyptian sip.
* 200 grams (whey) in roasted cumin, black pepper powder and rock salt mixed with a little drink.
* People with a lick eat honey powder 2 grams.
* Alarm in 200 g of juice a little rock salt and black pepper powder mixed drink.
* 25 grams of pear juice drink mixed with pepper powder 1 grams.
* Cut two tomatoes on it, black pepper powder and rock salt away eat and.
* Ginger and coriander powder, 3 grams of powder drink lukewarm water.
* Cut the onion finely-granular rock salt mixed with lemon juice and eat.
* Alarm, radish, shrews, onion, cucumber salad with a lemon juice and eat.

What not to eat?

* Do not drink more water after a meal.
* Juice made from hot peppers, spices and acids do not take food.
* Ghee, oil, butter made from food do not drink.
* Tea, alcohol and coffee intake absolutely not.
* Do not use pot-Sigret.
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