Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bad stomach: if you want to avoid eating medicines adopt these home remedies

Instant adopt the domestic measures to be bad stomach

In the rainy season often gets people upset stomach. In particular, they eat out. It can not be guaranteed to those who fed them to eat at home are always right.
Stomach infection may have many reasons. Anhaiginik food, water or dirt come into the body through the hands. Which led to the repeated motion, weakness, vomiting and sometimes fever like symptoms.

If your stomach is and if you want to avoid eating medicines adopting these home remedies you can find relief. These measures are therefore entirely at home there is no harm in trusting.

1. apple vinegar
If a domestic remedy the point when abdominal pain is nothing better than apple vinegar. There is a substantial amount of pectin in apple vinegar and wring the abdominal pain relief. The acidic properties is also effective in curing bad stomach infection. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water provides relief quickly.

2. Ginger
Upset stomach is quite efficient use ginger. Fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients that are found in the gut gives pain relief. Mix one teaspoon of ginger powder milk to get relief.

3. Yogurt
Abdominal pain is a beneficial use of yogurt. Play a vital role in balancing the bacteria in yogurt. The belly is well fast. It also keeps the stomach cool.

4. Banana
If you are frequently bothered by the motion if it has been used banana will give you relief. It binds to the gut of the pectin works. It contains high amounts of potassium is also beneficial to the body.

5. Peppermint
Peppermint is a very healthy herb. Used for centuries have been used in the solution of problems relating to stomach. The Anti-Oxidants, which is also known to improve digestion.

6. Add more water intake
Stomach is the body of water shortage. Try to drink as much water. You can also Floen juice and vegetable juice. Better to be mixed salts in the water. If you like lemonade, salt-sugar solution or coconut water park. Carrot juice is also beneficial at a time.

7. cumin
If you are persistent diarrhea chew a teaspoon cumin. All homes stand in the spice diarrhea usually quite rewarding. Cumin chewing drinks water diarrhea very quickly become paralyzed.

8. Bell punch
In many places, it is also known by the name of quince. Bell is composed of fibers and fiber-rich and make the syrup is too thick. Fiber binds to the gut works, the diarrhea soon become paralyzed.


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