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Special benefits of lemon fruit

Elumiccai - tevakkani this, say, irajakkani.
Rat will bite, but all fruits and lemons
We will not touch the rat touched.
Maybe this stems vaittatataltano elimiccam elimiccai known to have been known by synthesis.
Most yellow fruit sour taste elumiccai plant a form of giving. This citrus liman (Citruslimon) the scientific name
To the extent of 5% fruit juice has citric acid elumiccam. The sour taste of it.
Itan pH can range in size from 2 to 3. Thus teaching it in schools amilamakap use inexpensive tests.
Due to the unique flavor of this variety of concepts which itan drinks, sweets are being made to produce silk.
Lemon fruit nutrients in grams 🎾100
Water content - 50 grams
Fat - 1.0 g
Protein - 1.4 g
Starch - 11.0 g
Mineral fiber - 0.8 grams
Fiber - 1.2 grams
Calcium - 0.80 mg
Phosphorus - 0.20 mg
Iron - 0.4 mg
Carotene - 12miki
Thiamin - 0.2 mg
Niacin - 0.1 mg
Vitamin A - 1.8 mg
Vitamin B - 1.5 mg
Vitamin C - 63.0 mg
Its high vitamin C content, ripohplovinum
Can heal ulcers. Lemon juice mixed with a pinch of salt water
Koppalikka patumaru throat several times in the throat
Ulceration, stomatitis River.
Elumiccaic juice mixed with water in the mouth, often mouth koppalit
Bad odor disappears.
Vantiya? With lemon juice, incic juice, add a little honey,
Mix with warm water to eat the fleeting visible.
When drinking hot water mixed with juice elumiccaic heartburn, belching, reduce stomach bloat. Jiranacakkiyum increases.
Kalliralaip lemon tonic to strengthen the best.
Ana pittanir on the right leads to the secretion. In gallbladder
Helps to dissolve the stones.
Carumap punkalukaku used anticeptikkakap. Tatavivara lemon juice on the face, black heads, wrinkles disappear.
Mix lemon juice with the skin color of the face palet tatavin electrifying.
Tinamum tepid water in the morning on an empty stomach juice of lemon, a teaspoon sipping tenutan to lose weight.
Because it helps remove excess pottaciyam heart defect.
Uyar blood pressure, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting rid of such problems.
Iravu time in warm water, lemon juice with honey
Drink mix will get good sleep. Besides the body, calm the mind
Manaaluttam, stress, cleanses. Toxic materials from the body,
Provides relief to arthritis bacterial microorganisms expelled.
Iratta cuttakarip helps.
Kalara, helps to eliminate the impact of viruses and the flu, such as malaria.
Water drops of lemon juice to mix up so cila
If we stimulate the taste buds of the tongue, the taste is visible.
In talai potukut harass you, rub lemon kilts
Uriyap little time taking bath cleanses potukut nuisance.
Health is more than the benefits of the fruit ciriya itanaippayanpatutti
Live life.
Iyarkai beauty, freshness, enthusiasm will bring all of this.
Telkottin that point, the lemon cut in two
Two-piece landing rub poison.
Mix the juice of a lemon to give talaivali katunkapi healed immediately.
Collapse nir, pittanoy, cuts warmed to constipation
Lemon juice mixed with sugar or salt if drinking, may be appropriate relief.
Mayakkam, vomiting, nausea, mouth, nirvetkai, hysterical, eye infections, ear
Enjoy the healing nature of the pain stems lemon.
For kaliccal taking drugs, so licentious
Kaliccalum, in the event of vomiting, Cumin seeds with honey-gold leaves
Roasted, along with lemon juice and leave
Distillation, pauses, if the vomiting immediately, kaliccalum.
Pitta elumiccai juice to wash myself in the head, rubbing his head,
Wired, includes body heat.
Atipattu lemon juice if you're wearing black blood polattai
(Darker polam dried milk of a cactus. It's the drug
Available in stores) in place of an injured distillation along pucivara
Rattakkattu shaken.
Nakaccurru hole in the finger with a lemon
The plugin itself to reduce the pain.
Elumiccam drink juice mixed with honey will dry cough.
Mix buttermilk drink with a decrease in blood pressure. Cause some irritation on the foot. Others in henna paste mixed with lemon juice and rub it on the feet have healed irritation.
Squeeze lemon juice and grind leaves ciritalavu with it
Mix in water with a little salt and drink it stops vomiting.
Elumiccampalat put the seeds in distilled water, from which
Nirpinicam catch the spirit will arise in the face of the child.
Grind a lemon leaf beetle repellent cimaiyakatti
Mix the juice and put it above the cure herpes.
2-day soak in lemon juice cirakattai keep
Place in the sun to dry with the sauce. Lemon juice is a fine dry night again and again to soak in the sun to dry. Fine powder dries, take it with a spoon of honey or mixed with water and three times the size cappittuvara
Indigestion, lowers Pitta. Aluttamcirakum blood.
Lemon is very important in preventing rattak kotippait
Role. In addition to the bad blood purifier
There is something more than citrus fruit.
Nutritious vitamin A, vitamin C, lots of citrus fruit
There. The citric acid in lemon Antiseptic
Character. So the attack of infectious disease germs
Protects the body from the eye.
On the issue of enlargement of the spleen soup and eats fruit elumiccam
Escape from.
Elumiccam fruit juice mixed with honey to eat a nutrient-rich
Is just the tonic needed to revive the body and the light
Citrus fruit can be obtained by humans.
Ittanai citrus fruit that can be beneficial to the faeces
The building has to be tempered. There will come away with honey but malakkattu.
Utal obesity, cholesterol, overweight, ZEN, a elumiccaiccaru drink daily for diabetes sufferers.
Vayirruvali, stomach bloat,
Chest irritation, eye pain
Okay precious juice. Highest
Chloramine. Potash
Is involved.
If high blood ZEN lemon
Get well.
Sealing cirunir
Divergent. Body toxins
Exhaust. The body's defense
The growing power of lemon.
Sea salt body is bloated
The handsome Manny lemon juice
Matiyuka minister in kanikal
Lemon is quality.
Just extract elumiccaic
Should not be used. Or with water
With honey should be used.
Elumiccai, onion
Cuttings, etc.
Should be used.
Ivvalavu beneficial tevakani (Lemon) if historical overstatement.
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