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Exam preparation tips for students

Exam preparation tips for students

For some people there is paranoia about the nature of choice. But there is no need for that.
Understanding about choice, from any position if there is a corresponding activity, students will be able to pass with good marks.

Drawing (Picture) draw, how necessary the wall, thus the need for the eyes to read. Cooperating with the eyes not only to continue to read and write. So, pay attention to the protection of the eyes.

Eye pain, inflammation and irritation of the eyes, etc. symptoms. And, at times, choose to sleep less, being more alert, tired eyes. To avoid this, when reading, interspersed with a handkerchief, dipped in water, on top of the pad is best to take the eyes from time to time.

One day, at least two occasions, the eyes should be washed in clean water.
Rich in water content, such as cucumber, cooling yielding fruits, cut into thin slices, put on the eyes.

When an hour once or lax eyes, close your eyes, it is better to rest for five minutes.

When he was stopped for a while in between, lush landscapes with scenes racippatan, eyes and mind to rejuvenate.

Before going to sleep at night, one or two drops of pure rose water, if not in the eyes, the eyes will not fatigue.

Besides, once a week, taking oil baths, and a vitamin A rich curry leaf, mint and coriander as beneficial to include in the diet.

Similarly, when he was alone in the room with good ventilation, the back, such as 90 degrees vertically, sitting upright, must learn to read.
If there is a separate room, airy, friendly place to study it. It matiyakavo home terrace, temple gardens, woodland house pinpuramakavo no matter what; It's important for the environment.

Lighting in the reading room, you sit down and read amaintirukkatavaru cuvarilo munpuramakavo or lateral. At the same time, too much and too little light reading, and please make sure to have the right level of brightness.
Stew called Pulp, yellow light gives the lamp response, in the light of a lamp tube light or white light reading, uruttatu eyes.

Lessons for teachers to read, notebooks, note papers write, write and see the pen and pencil to underline that, after taking his required all at once, and have to sit and read. Everything and, when needed, will take individually, while a decrease in interest and focus of study is on the termination.

From time to time, drinking water, intermittent eating biscuits, snacks and mosquito repellent devices near oil may keep no more than minor.

Anyone's help, we can be pleased with ourselves, apart from the aforementioned provisions, and others, cooperation needs to make some preparations.

Television, radio, relatives of unwanted calls, phone calls and disturbance caused by others within the home, such as the study of factors that influence, need to be adjusted.

Porulunarntu of subjects, properly understood, is not mind reading patuttip unanimity can keep in mind to stay.

'Concentration' form, we would be interested in making it work. One would be interested in, automatically, 'concentration' is a proven fact emerge. So I read with interest. They say at home, father and teacher scold us for such purposes, without having to read for you. "In my life, the study munneruvatark towards higher ... as' mind-set.

In general, suitable for study time in the morning. Because, at that time, the harassment of others is less, and the belly is empty. So, as jiranattirk, gastrointestinal bleeding may not need, go to the brain, the brain active.
Like the time in the morning, others may be less than the disturbances, night time, patippatarkena Make Reservation.

After reading each lesson, appatam based key points, in a separate note, memorandum, the chain, as well as sorting and write. But without these statements, in small words, and at the same time, while viewing the memo, so, come to think of all the information that you learned the lesson of the need lies.
Tamil, English language-based subjects, such as the need to take note of the important information.

Science subjects and, in parts, the images clearly drawing, equations, formulas, symbols and measurements consisted, among other, the history of the subjects and events of the year, whatever the event, who yarukkitaiye purpose, which is held in place, its results and effects consisted, among other, memoranda use.

Moreover, the "Study Group" Let us recall that by arguing with friends and reading lessons.
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