Sunday, 19 February 2017

Golden Bay Resort closed - becuase of AIADMK MLAs

Golden Bay Resort closed - becuase of AIADMK MLAs - Resort closed - hopper ate cooked in the resort .. .. AIADMK MLAs complained against naraticcuttanka
While detained in the resort kuvattur MLAs support Shashikala wine bottle in hand, lay the blame parileye Resort managers have said that.

On the night of February 7th against cacikalavirku opannir wealth away from the Marina, gave an interview to meditation on the beach. Forcing the resignation of the accused obtained. Subsequently, the AIADMK was split. Some MLAs supporting opies said. 11 MPs supported opies go home. Opies page MLAs are letting go 10 days kuvattur were imprisoned in the Golden Bay Resort. MLAs and 10 days, what did the owners of the resort had rubadub newspaper interview.

Many MLAs stayed at the resort naccarittanar frequently asked wine. We decided to go to Pondicherry to buy alcohol for them. But wine daily has been exhausted.

Wine bottles were limited in our view. Naccarittanar bottle of wine at the same time everyone is asking. Burned on servers fell a little late.

MLAs, ministers, as helpers, as car drivers dropped more than a thousand gathered in enjoying convenient ruined our resort.

Our kitchen can cook smaller, but thousands. Luxury resort hopper cooked and eaten with a variety of foods daily were destroyed.

Ricarttirku passengers did not get any of our MLAs and 10 days apart. MLAs back to the resort owners would be lying if we said our viyaparam. For the maintenance of resort owners have now been temporarily closed.


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