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7 Ways to reduce acidity

Ways to reduce acidity

Intestinal gas is a disease very common problem is that age without anyone seeing. The gas not only lives but also in the entire body in the stomach rotates reaching even the chest. If there is gas in the stomach when you do not morning a hearty breakfast. If you have forgotten your stomach so you should try some ways to get rid of it. If you do not eat more food than Ace which are gases. Food such as beans, peas, cake, carbonate-containing materials, sour fruits, cauliflower, cabbage, cashews, raisins, nuts, and more gas is formed. Sedha you know that salt can be very useful for their carminative. Well there are so many ways that you can prevent the formation of gas. Vajrasana not even afford the gas in the stomach. To sum it up, you should sit down after dinner and bent knee should keep both hands on the knees. This posture 5 to 15 minutes. Gas digestion is weak. The gas will not increase the digestive power. Kriya Yoga Agnisar improve intestinal digestion increased strength.

Not drink soda and juices
We think that the gas and soda stomach pains disappear. But found in soda and juices found in carbohydrates are promoting Chinese gas.

Eat chewing Bejn
It is important that you take food finely and completely chew eat mouthful. Chewy and without largest Tukdah gases in stomach.

Eat right Cvingm
Dara Cvingm mouth chewing the air goes out in our stomachs because of the gas arises.

Smoking Codeh
Smoking is not only dehydration but also becomes a stomach gas.

Go for a walk
Light walk after a meal to go of course. This food will not digest easily and gas. This also reduces weight.

Herbal things eat
There are many things you can eat, such as herbal, cloves, fennel, cardamom, star anise etc. If eaten with hot water if it does not gas in the stomach.

Drink plenty of water
Drinking 7-8 glasses a day of gas in the stomach because the stomach does not empty spaces are filled.
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