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12 home remedies for Chest pain caused by Gas

12 home remedies for Chest pain caused by Gas

Some people seem to worry because of chest pain and heart ache to believe that it (the heart) is due to a problem with. But this is a temporary pain and lasts until the gas is not out. Fortunately for gas because of chest pain are many home remedies. The treatments we have today to share with you (share) are.

Incomplete digestion, quickly swallowing air while eating with eating, constipation, oily and processed foods, eat more fiber and starch-rich diet, food allergies could be due to the gas in the intestines. Beverages such as soda with some drinks, soft drink or beer may be causing this problem. Get gas, abdominal pain, chest pain, abdominal bloating and loss of appetite are symptoms of chest pain. Gas What is the treatment of pain in the chest? Bold Sky today for the gas, causing chest pain will tell a few home remedies. Trapped gas between the stomach and the chest to remove see some domestic measures.

Cardamom and cumin

 Chest pain due to gas it is a perfect home remedies. These Carmintiv (carminative) like function. Trapped gas extracting gas from the stomach and the chest and abdomen, causing pain in the rest of the warrant. Cardamom spice boiled in water for a while you can drink tea. They are also helpful in digestion and can also prevent the formation of gas.

Drink warm liquids
 Hot liquids such as tea or coffee stomach and chest are helpful in extracting gas from the natural way. Chest pain caused by gas is an effective treatment to get comfortable.

 Chest pain caused by gas, are the best treatment for it. It also prevents the formation of gas in the stomach. So it is also good for digestion. If you suffer from the problem of gas per day Develop the habit of eating papaya.

Peppermint tea

It also acts as a carminative, because it is helpful in extracting gas from the stomach. It also helps in digestion of food. G Mclane and it is an effective treatment for nausea. Peppermint tea to extract the gas trapped in the chest a natural remedy.

Ginger or chamomile tea (tea)
 These herbal tea (tea) is also useful in gas problems. To prevent the formation of gas after eating, and if they drink tea, these gases also is helpful in extracting gas.

You should perform these exercises might help in digestion. If your lifestyle is not idle or motion which is devoid of the gas can be a good digestion. Therefore, always make a light hearted exercise.

Apple Cider vinegar
Apple Cider vinegar mixed with a teaspoon into a glass and drink it. It removes stomach gas. It also aids in digestion and prevents the formation of gas. Chest pain due to gas it is an effective home remedies.

Do not drink milk products
Some people do not tolerate milk products. These people after eating milk products is the problem of indigestion and gas. You are in the foods they know and use Avoid causing gas.

Drink more water
Indigestion caused by gases. Will you have more water in your body without the digested food into stool will exit. Constipation is also water and gas is lost from the body.

Do not drink soft drinks
As their name "carbonated drinks" suggests, these are carbon dioxide gas. This can exacerbate the problem of gas in the stomach and chest. Therefore, due to gas because of their increased risk of chest pain.

Mustard seed (rye)
These are helpful in extracting gas from the stomach. The food you cook it in your daily diet as they release.


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