Wednesday, 22 February 2017

5 best home remedy to get quick relief from acidity

5 best to get quick relief from acidity home remedy!

Gas is a very common problem, which is the remains of a rough day. Therefore it is best to stop in time.
5 best home remedy to get quick relief from acidity

Here we tell you gas're extremely easy home remedy through which you can get rid of this problem.

Celery several diseases such as stomach gas, intestinal worms or acidity for a good measure. Acidity and gas will relieve you immediately.

Peppermint is a blessing for our entire health. It is used in some form in almost every disease can be. Gas and acidity of the stomach and bowels, it is extremely effective medicine. You stomach gas, nausea or vomiting acidity of the problem, the mint juice, its sauce, Brew or green tea can be consumed as is.

Small in size, is full of lemon different qualities. If you feel someone are having heartburn or gas lemonade and lemon tea is instant relief.

Also if anyone is having problems too much lemon juice in a glass of water so that, with a little black salt, roasted cumin pinch, pinch celery, 2 tablespoons sugar, a teaspoon of fresh mint juice to drink it from this gas will relieve the problem immediately.

Apple vinegar
Two teaspoons of apple vinegar drink warm water mixed gas is relieved immediately.

Pinch roasted cumin, black salt and mint after dinner drink buttermilk mixed gas problem usually emerges.


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