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Face, Cheeks and Chin Beauty Tips

Face, Cheeks and Chin Beauty Tips 

It's their cheeks to make women's face even more beautiful. If the cheeks are beautiful, the face is beautiful. For some, the cheeks are very close to them. If they come after these tips, get a good reward! Women who get up early in the morning get naturally clean air.

This gives you some brilliance on the face. Add a little salt in warm water and put it in the mouth for 10 minutes. The beauty of the cheek will increase because you continue doing this.

Soft apple-like cheeks, such as to get cheeks like apples, tips,

If you cut the apple and grind it from the cheek to the ear and give a daily stroke, you can get a beautiful cheek in one week.

Three apple slices, three carrot pieces, squeeze juice and mix half a lump of juice with lemon juice and drink every morning, keep the cheek in the cheek and glue.

If the skin does not have the desired oil paste, the scorpion may dry up and shrink.

Daily almonds, pistachi chopped and cashew nuts, let them soak in hot water, add only one pulp on the face and eat the remaining three pounds.

These pancakes help to get the oil glue on the skin. As the facial wrinkles disappear, the chewing groin will squeeze like a golden cheek.

Add a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of papaya paste and wash it for 10 minutes.

Honey causes the skin to shrink the skin and glow the cheeks.

Before bathing every day, a teaspoon mixed with a little sugar mixed with sugar.

Take a teaspoon of honey or cinnamon, put it in the mouth, and practice for adjoining chin.

Milk - 1 teaspoon, butter - 1 tbsp, barley - 1 teaspoon in a small bowl and fry well until foam.

Apply cream, face, neck and eyes around all the parts. After half an hour, wash it off with warm water.

Your chin will be white with brightness and face shimmering.
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