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Noodles making business

Noodles making business 

Noodles is a favorite of children. The elders are also bleached. Thus, the production and sale of noodles is increasing. "Noodles can make a profitable profit as a cottage industry," says Pooemai of Coimbatore Ajjunoor. He said: "My hometown. Managing the General Management of Madurai Kamaraj University. After marriage, I live with my husband and children. The desire to achieve self-employment since childhood.

Most people decided to make noodles. I was trained in a nutrition training program at Coimbatore Agricultural University. Later I was involved in the industry. I've been selling noodles for the past 10 years. I sell 600 packets of 200 grams every day to various brand companies. Wang companies sell it in the company's name.

I produce a variety of noodles like soy, millet, tomato, lettuce, ragi. I plan to make new tastes. Orders accumulate by introducing new categories. Anyone who is a low-income hut, can produce noodles and sell in their area and earn a profit.

How to prepare

40 kg of maida, 30 kg of wheat flour, 7 liters of water in a large bowl should be in the form of protea flour. In the dough processing machine, rub the scrub and roll. If it is applied in the same machine, the scalded dough is cut into the threads and threads. If you put it on the wire and put it into a fast powered roller, you will get 40 to 50 minutes. Weigh the required quantities and dry them one day in the dry.

Then prepare the noodles for packing them. In the baking packet, add the spice and spices powder packet to the noodles. This is the same method of preparing millets, ragi and tomato noodles. To produce soya noodles, add 30 liters of soya dough and 3 liters of water, along with maize and wheat.

Millet, rye noodles, millet, 30 kg rye or ragi with wheat. To prepare tomato noodles, tomato juice should be mixed with maize and wheat. Taking the tomatoes regularly, remove the skin and squeeze the juice.

Available space

Dough Processing, Cutting Machine, Speed ​​Boiler Machine and Drying Trayer are available through the Center for Business Development at Agricultural University. You can also design and use in factories in major towns, including Coimbatore.

The luggage items, such as a weight gear, baking cover, baking seal machine, scissors are available everywhere. Wheat, maize, soya, millet and ragi can be purchased directly from mango or farmers directly in grinding mill.


Processing machine Rs. 1.9 lakhs, speed boiler engine Rs. 1 lakh, 50 kg noodles drying tray 25 count Rs. 25 thousand. Other logistics are Rs. 15 thousand.


25 to 25 feet long, wide space for installation of machinery, storage of goods, stack, packing, and office. Advance Rs. 20 thousand.

Cost of production

At least 600 packets per day (120 g) of 200 grams per day can be prepared for 15 thousand packets (3 thousand kg). (Rs. 20,000), electricity (Rs 7,000), rent lease (Rs. 2,000), transport cost (Rs. 3 thousand), Rs. 1.50 lakhs. Initially invested in construction, construction and production of Rs. 5 lakhs.


15 per cent of the profits per month and the sale of private companies to Rs. Get 22,500 profits. Selling directly to retail outlets increases profits.

Market opportunity

Emergencies and essential food preparation is increasing for noodles. Regularly pursuing the smell, taste and quality, you can still earn a good profit. Retailers, wholesale merchandise stores, department stores, branded companies' noodles are ready.

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