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Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation

Like the small drops, there are many people in the highest level of society who have done small business. With this mushroom growing you have the opportunity to become a better businessman in the future. Yes friends! Oyster shell
By cultivating mushrooms, we can increase our income and get life in life. The benefits of cipalpan are now available for you and its nourishment.

Medicare benefits and diet:

Now these mushroom varieties have long wanted to eat. It is because of the taste of the taste that is equal to the taste of the animation. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are rich in calcium, phosphate, potassium and copper.

It is also a balanced diet because all the nutrients needed in the body are mixed up in proportion. Doctors recommend this. And its important medicinal properties are controlling sugar syrup.

Season and Seedlings

There is no time for this season. When can you grow up?

How to do this job?

Very simple. Let's do it in our home. If you have a little space, you can also do a bowl.

Mushroom varieties

These varieties are suitable for our country climate: white spot (co-1), gray candy (MTU -2), ABK-1 (oyster), ABK-2 (milk mushroom), oatmeal Mushroom-1 and odd-2 (buds) are suitable for Tamil Nadu

How to make mushroom chut?

Nothing is amazing. The roof is simple enough. The size of 16 or 18 square meters is sufficient. It should be divided into two parts. One is a sprouting room and another for mushroom cultivation.

Fertility room temperature: 23-250 Celsius.

The temperature of the sprinkler room: 25-300 Celsius should be kept in the heat. In addition, both the rooms should be kept in good airflow without darkness.

It should be 75-80% moisture in the cottage. To calculate these measurements, the tools are available in Electric Shop to calculate moisture as a thermometer.

How to make mushroom seed

Cultivation of mushroom seeds: Grain, wheat, and corn are the main ingredients.

OK. How to prepare spores?

The above grains should be drenched in half and dry in the air. Additionally, 2% of the lime mix - fill empty bottles of empty clucose bottle. Next, a water should be absorbed into the absorbent pan.

Next, cook it in cooker for 2 hours to destroy the bacteria.

The pure milk mushroom produced by the Agricultural University or Agricultural Department should be kept in a grainy filled glucose bottle and kept for 15 days at normal temperature.

After 15-18 days old mushroom must be used for mushroom preparation.

Note: Now the mushroom seeds are sold for this difficulty. Good seeds can be bought and used.

How to set up mushroom bed

Setting of mushroom bedding: Preparations of sugarcane, husky marshmallow, hay
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