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How to get dense eyebrows - Natural Tips

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If the eyebrows are slimmer, no matter how beautiful the eyes look. Dense eyebrow, haired and small eyes will be beautiful. Look for notes that are here to get thicker brow. If something is not done in a day or another, nothing will benefit. Nothing can only be done when you continue. So let's do it quickly and your eyebrows become dense too soon.


Very easy accessible. Apply on the eyebrows soaked in milk with a pinch. Wash after 15 minutes. "Way protein" in the milk and stimulates the growth of cache.

Onion juice:

Bring the onion juice on a day and a day off. Onions are "sulfur", "selenium". These are the strengths of the hair of the hair. This will get stronger bones that do not fit.


Take the juice of aloe vera and put on the eyebrow. Wash and dry. The term "allon" is like keratin. Hair growth will increase.

Castor oil :

If you have a massage everyday on the eyelid and on the eyebrows, you will get a thicker brow soon. It is particularly good, although it is particularly old.

Vitamin oil

If the brow is densely grown, coconut oil, cylinder and vitamin E are enough. The coconut oil and gingerbread will provide beautiful growth to the eyebrows. Vitamin E presents the nourishment and stimulates the growth of eyebrows.

required things :

Coconut oil - 1 teaspoon
Vitamin E oil - half a teaspoon
Ostrich - 1 tbsp
Mascara brush - 1

Take a bottle of all the oils mentioned above. Mix the oil on the maskara brush, and brush on the eyebrow. Come on the night every night. This oil can be applied to lids. If you are breastfed by the brush, the hair will grow and the eyebrows dense. Be sure to be a woman with a beautiful brow in a month.

Permanent brow
Some can not be on the eyebrows. I do not worry that the eyebrow has fallen off or I have no hair on the eyebrows. Hair grows well when massaging the skin and massaging the eyebrows. Eyebrow oil will come in hand and massage it on the eyebrow and the hair will germinate quickly and the eyebrows are beautiful.

It is better to use the iPod Tattoo system to make the eyebrows permanently. Eyebrow Tattoo is a flower that puts permanent eyebrows on the eyebrows where it is filled with tattoos. This will make your face look good and get rid of your grief.

For any reason you need to take care not to get dry skin. Green vegetables, greens, milk, yogurt, butter must be added in daily diet.

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