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Small business: own Bakery industry

Small Business: Full description of the bakery industry 

In the last ten, twenty years, there has been a lot of change in our eating habits. Early morning Dipan would be the Idly, Dosa, Chapathi and Pongal varieties. But today the bread is coming back to the front of all the foods.
This bread, which was once a fever, has become a food item that is consumed daily. The result is not only in the big towns, but also in small towns.
Preparation method:
Prepare bread, biscuits and cakes with maize flour, sugar, ghee or vanaspati and yeast. With the help of masterful masters, you can sell snacks such as puffs and chips as a side business.
If we want to sell food through a bakery, we have to buy the food processing department. Also, the PIS If we buy quality, people will have confidence in our bakery.
A bakery with a showroom will need a 100 square meter builder. The total value is at least 250,000 rupees. The value of the place varies depending on the area you choose. For example, if people shop in areas like bus stand, the value will be higher or higher.
72 tons of bread and biscuits per year require 7.5 tonne capacity. The machines for the dough, flour piss and machine, boiler, oven, molded and tie up to 2,75,000 rupees. Bakery machines are available in places like Assam and Moradabad (New Delhi).
Other costs:
Costs of furniture, bakery products, racks, decorated showrooms for retail business costs up to one lakh rupees.
Water and electricity:
20 HP Electricity and 500 liters of water require one day.
The main ingredient for this industry is the flour. Maida and wheat flour should be kept in the stock without any problems. Additionally, sugar, yeast, milk powder, salt, ghee, necessary color and flavors should be avoided.
There are five people working for this productivity. There are a total of five people who work well and work well, two who work well and sellers. An experienced master requires someone.
Previous Expenses:
Registration fees, the cost of opening the shop, and checking costs will cost up to 30,000 rupees.
Operational capital:
The total operational capital for the first year is about Rs. 2.04 lakhs.

Market opportunity!
The food industry is the most important place for bakery. These biscuits are a variety of food items, such as brands, various kinds of cakes, puffs, sandwiches, and chips. Much of today's sensational life is not enough to cook at home. Hence, people are becoming more and more people to eat bread from the bakery. Thus, there are many opportunities to start bakery in urban areas and rural areas. If people choose to pick up the places that are large and start bakery, there is no need to say that sales are going to break.
Does raskke produce a risk? The bakery types produced should be sold on the same day. Therefore, it is important to prepare depending on the need.
Positive thing:
In festive times there are a lot of needs. Especially in December and January, if you work with more employees in terms of timetable, you can see a number of times in those months.
Now the birthday of the children is the most celebrated celebration. So you can buy orders for bareth-day cakes. If the model cakes for kids are handy and beautiful, the customers will be searching again and ordering them to pay for the parade. What's hesitant to get into a bright future?
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