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Lakshmi Kadaatcham: 75 Ways to Stay in Wealth

Lakshmi Kadaatcham: 75 Ways to Stay in Wealth

Follow these 75 Worship points to stay in your home and stay luxurious and inexhaustible.
 Lakshmi Kadaatcham: 75 Ways to Stay on Wealth, Lakshmi kadatcham wealth giving 75 worship 

1. Laxmi kadaksham lighthouse in the light of the lights in the home load.

2. Financing the white pigeons at home will stop you.

3. Have a lot of home pickups at home. Because the Kubera is a pickup. Hence, the kubera will come to have a lot of pickles.

4. Give water to the tariffs for our home. Then give yellow saffron. This will result in the loss of the geneGeneMandra money.

5. The blessings of those in God's devotion will have great strength. Increase cash flow.

6. On Friday Sukra, on the side of the mokhi, Sundalai Mahalakshmi nivedhiyamy and our family only eat. In the family, the cash flow will increase.

7. Abhijith star (12 hours of day) will be satisfied with her grandmother and she will have money to pay for her hand.

8. Anyone who is in the horoscope in the horoscope of Sukran is a third of the laknat, he is handed over by the hand of the shukra on the side of the Sukra direction.

9. Take a small amount of bath in water everyday bath and spray it at home. Without doing 45 days, the money will come out of money.

10. Soak the whole mashed potatoes into the jaggery and give it to the bird and feed it the next day. It will continue to make money.

11. On Friday at Perumal temple the money will be paid to the mother of anointing milk. Money will be given to the mother of the green bangle.

12. Women's left hand will increase the confidence of the silver ring.

13. Pour the beans into the bowl on the sugra side. 24 friday will definitely make money.

14. Leave the nose in a green bag and put it on the pillow and put it in a plastic bag and cover it with water. Money will solve the problem.

15. Before going to the bath, apply the greenery around the body and leave the bath for a short time.

16. After the bathing, the threshold will be cleared first.

17. The first Monday in Tamil month is 12 months and Monday you can become a millionaire. Even the lack of ancestor can be a millionaire.

18. The home in the northeastern area of ​​the residence is the well, the Nelli tree, the Vilva tree and the laxmi katchatam in the house.

19. Every morning, Venkatesa Subrahmatham, Vishnu Sahasranamam, the house where Lakshmi will live forever.

20. To the Mahalakshmi, the pinkish garment can be worshiped and will be sprouted.

21. On the arrival of one of their stars, on a Friday Friday, 11th Deepavali and 11 pilgrims on the other side of the monastery.

22. If we put the Gajalakshmi image in a silver plate on the front door of the house, the wealth will remain.

23. Every month, the sanniyarayana puja can get the riches of the pune.

24. In the month of October, the wealth will be increased to worship the Mahalakshmi.

25. On the next day at 8.30 pm, at 8.30 pm, Sarnaka karishana pirakarai wear a Lotus evening as Prasad, Aval paayasam to worship the chorus.

26. Mahalakshmi and her bungalow Kubera will shout with arcity and pay the money to arrive in the evening.

27. With Aishwarya's incense powder, each with a basil powder will accumulate riches on each side.

28. Sukra is the wealth of salt to buy salt.

29. On Friday evening, wealth will be added to feed the cow.

30. The wealth of the Arakti is the fame of the Mahakshatmi,

31. The sweetness of the water goes to spray as the lakshmi mantra says at the same time that the fragrance will be added.

32. The wealth of the crocodile will grow to the crops.

33. Sarnakarshan Bhairavar will receive money to anoint their holy birthday on their birthday.

34. Feeding the calf with the cow will have all the wealth.

35. For the old Sumangali, with the bunches of bangles and henna, the lushmi grace is perfect.

36. With the yellow water, the aroma will grow to sprinkle the flavor of the house and the industrial establishment.

37. The money will be taken to see the owl's film continuously.

38. The golden jewelry Tirupathi Venkatajapalapathy is getting ready for the eye awakening in the morning.

39. The luxury of loneliness will be the lamp of light.

40. Sarnakarshan Bhairavar 9 Ney lamp to continue to work for 9 weeks to improve the family.

41. The money will be paid to the kuppara to light a lamp.

42. Family improvement will lead to the practice of worship and worship of the devotees.

43. Thirumala Venkatajapalapathi will be wilted and donated to wealth.

44. The Tulsi garland will continue to keep the pooja and the good will be for the good.

45. Sarna will have anointing with the pearl and sprinkle it at home.

46. ​​On Tuesday, if you enter the sculpture, you will get rid of the stomach.

47. Perumal darshan in the eagadasi and arasat and bless the blessings and wealth.

48. The lotus placed on the Lakshmi in the temple comes to the green with the green bar and puts money in the money box.

49. We will have to pay five times as much as we would like to spend it with an amount of money to spend it in the farm.

50. Shri Ranganatha Perumal temple was donated to Perumal and we are getting ready to wear it everyday.

51. On Friday Sukra, on the side of the shrine, Mahalakshmi,

52. Aishwarya Lakshmi is a money laundering money to put on a purse.

53. The Lakshmi Kathasam is permanent for the 11 day Shri Sujatha recitation of the Vedic scholars.

54. Sri Lashmi Kubera Sathamirathe in the service of Deep incense to get the Ashtana tranthiri to get rid of.

55. Kanaka Tara gives you the money to ask for the blessing.

56. The women who have died in the house are tired of remembering them and praying to them, and they will be able to move away from all the family.

57. Mahalakshmi has a green pillar and comes to pay for worship.

58. Karpaga Ganesha 1008 near the Mahasangadahar Chaturthi to pray and worship the ban in the business.

59. Ashta Aishwarya is the place where the green silk dressed Lakshmi on the threshold and the incense is displayed.

60. The wealthy Lord Mahalakshmi is worshiped on Friday, 24th Friday worship will be paid.

61. Money will be restricted to worship the Bandara Kubera.

62. Hindurani Mantra Prayer for Rajagoda Life to pray.

63. On Thursday, Guru will join the Dakshinamurthy to earn wealth.

64. Friday morning Sukra on the side of Sukra and Mahalakshmi with the Jasmine flower with 33 days of worship.

65. The devotees who sit in the Senthamarai will get worship.

66. Kanakatara Gotra, Sri Suktham, Bhagya Suktham is going to make money to recite in Sukraoru.

67. To pay for the forefathers of the new moon, the forefathers of the new moon, the amount of money we have made to pay.

68. Tirupathi Venkatajalapathy, Padmavathi will come to pay for the film.

69. Thanthaiyayakini Pooja will be done on the 7th day of the tantrums at the temple.

70. Shobhakka pachadasi mantra will get millions of money to pray.

71. Sarnakarasana Bhairava, Surna Ganapathy, Dhanavirapradhan, Surna Kali and Sarna Varagi are available for gold jewelery.

72. Couple donkey image, flowing white horse picture, often comes to see money.

73. Money is not to be in the tangerine herb shirt pocket.

74. The Poor's Precious Sprint

75. On Thursday, in the Kubera period from 5 pm to 8pm, the money will be paid to worship Kubera.
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