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Beauty tips for eyes

It is our eyes that glow our face. The colonies should be applied on top of the night and the potatoes in the lower part of the eye.
In the morning, the eyes will be bright. To go to the embryos, turmeric and mint must be mixed with rosewater.
Cut the pulses into milk and put them on the bottom of the eyes and grind the eye. The cataracts will disappear. Vintage will be cooled or rounded with eyes and eyes.
If you have a gastrointestinal tissue in the sauna, the glyphos will quickly disappear. Nandiavattu washed with water in a white cloth and the eyes around the eyes are bright. Eyes smoothed out of the water in the water, and the eyes are cool and bright enough to breathe.
Put a thin white cloth on the skin and put it on the eyes and put on top of the mixture. This should be 30 minutes. This is enough to do 5 days.
The location of the cervix is ​​unknown. Even in the absence of proper sleep, the nervous system will appear in the eyes. The sleep should last at least eight hours.
The cucumber should be washed in the face and washed after an hour. If you continue to do this, the charm of the eye will gradually disappear.
Eyes should be shiny and brighter every day night should have one or two drops of lashes on the eyelids.The skin of the eyes will be bright enough to pack the eyes with coriander juice with butter. Wash the eyes in the morning with the water in the morning with a water pump that takes a pinch of the timbalan spatula and mixes it with water in the water.
Ovulation and eye redness caused by body warming is 100 grams of good and sweet smells.
You need to add lots of vegetables in the diet. Drink at least four liters of water.
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