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15 home remedies to get rid of constipation

15 home remedies to get rid of constipation

We do not often talk openly about constipation. But this disease is quite common that everyone must have at some time.
Lack of water in the body, lack of nutrition in the diet, lack of exercise and poor people due to lifestyle diseases like constipation faces.

Patients usually complain of constipation, flatulence get. Though the disease can occur at any age, but appears to be dominated by women and the elderly constipation.
Constipation sometimes becomes quite acutely embarrassing. But early treatment of the disease but it should not shy away.

Before going to the doctor to remove the constipation problems at home must use some effective home remedies.

Household tips you will use your constipation problems will disappear immediately. So here's what to do for it:

Hot water and lemon
The citric acid in lemon frozen stomach is used to exclude dirt. 1 cup hot water you consume can squeeze lemon.

Fiber diet
Beans, whole grain bread, cabbage, potatoes, cabbage, Brocli, tomatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables, onions, and eat. Reshayukt diet is easy to digest and also erases the problem of constipation. Fruits in the banana, papaya, melon, lemon, mango, apple and Musmmi etc. should eat.

Olive oil
Olive oil stimulates your digestive system, which will clear your stomach comfortably. Morning on an empty stomach to take 1 teaspoon olive oil benefits. You can use lemon juice mix.

Guava and papaya
Guava and papaya fruit, two Amॄt constipation is similar to the patient. These fruits can be eaten at any time in the day. These Flon give enough strength to the filament and intestines.

Baking soda
Baking soda intake can recover up to 95% of your constipation. Ingestion of hot water 1 teaspoon baking soda to 1/4 cup to drink it.

Dates and milk
Drink warm milk to put in 3 palm lightly. The week-long intake, you will surely enjoy.

Kbji to overcome the problem of good bacteria in the gut are necessary. Plain yogurt probiotic get you, so you must drink the cup yogurt Dinr 1-2. Eat the breakfast.

Milk and ghee
Ghee in a glass of milk at bedtime drink 1-2 Cammc constipation also may completely disappear.

Linseed seeds
Flax seed powder to make fry on low light. 20 g powder in a glass of water and then take up to 3 hours after snowmelt filtering drink.

Triphala powder
Triphala mix the powder with honey twice a day should eat. It is an Ayurvedic Upachar.

Isabgul bran
Constipation is the ultimate benefactor. 1-2 tablespoons milk or water at bedtime take isabgul bran. It accelerates the process of intestinal stomach becomes blatantly clear.

Mix of fresh figs in a glass of milk to boil. Then drink it before going to bed. Figs are a lot of fiber, which is relieved immediately.

Spinach juice
Drink half glass of spinach juice twice daily. You will definitely enjoy it.

Cabbage juice
Drink half a glass of cabbage juice twice a day provides relief.

Pranayama and Yoga
To ward off the disease, pranayama and yoga are beneficial.

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