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10 reasons that you are unaware of being constipated

10 reasons that you are unaware of being constipated

Constipation is a problem that is often made fun. But for the person who is suffering from this problem, it is very uncomfortable and sometimes very painful. There is a situation in which the person is medically problem occurs in the bowel movement or having a bowel movement only occasional desire.

The health consequences are very constipated. Where there are several home remedies to deal with the situation along with the treatment is important to know the cause of the problem. So here to help you 10 common reasons are constipated.

Not Drinking Enough water or low Dehydration: If a person drinks less water than required to meet the body takes its own resources. Your body absorbs water from all possible sources, and the body tries to compensate by leaving litter are the main goal, which is constipated. It dries sewage or waste products which have difficulty in bowel movements. Also, when you eat slow food goes through the intestines and rectum, which absorbs the most water from the food problem is increasing further. Not drinking enough water, you will also enjoy reading about other consequences.

2. inactive or sedentary lifestyle: today in this age where everything is computerized went there went inactive lifestyle has become a standard. Many functions of the body to produce mucus, such as exercise, depending on the (necessary to keep the fluid lubricated rectum) and keep the metabolic rate high. When we are inactive, decreases the body's metabolic rate which is the problem of constipation.

3. certain medicines or drugs: Many drugs, such Anteedipresent (antidepressants), calcium channel blocking drugs and Daiyuretik etc. also experiencing constipation.

4. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, hormonal changes in women, causing much of the problem may be constipated. Another known cause of fetal growth is also causing pressure on the digestive pathways which slow food grows. During pregnancy the many home remedies to deal with the problem of constipation heard of.

5. Old Age: As people are aged in their body functions change. It has been found that slow the rate of digestion and metabolism in old age due to the problem of too many people are constipated.

6. Laxative (laxative medicine) because of over-using: most people Leksetiv to make bowel movements regular use. Leksetivadt gets involved in, which means that the more you use it, the next time to get the same results, you will need to take higher doses. If you use Leksetiv better leave you slowly get used to it.

7. cancer or other physical illness: Many conditions such as colon cancer, or other physical illness such as diabetes, Haipothayraidijm, Parkinson's may be due to the problem of constipation. In such a case, it is best to consult your medical doctor.

8. bowel obstruction: Constipation may also be indicative of the fact that you suffer from bowel obstruction. When this problem is very serious and the person does not have a bowel movement for several days Obsteepeshn it says.

9. Milk and milk products: Many people have a problem with lactose Intolrens. This is a situation in which the person is allergic to milk or milk products. This situation could be due to either diarrhea or constipation problem.

10. desire to go to the toilet to control: Many people are used to control the desire to go to the toilet. However, in many situations it is necessary to do so on a regular basis, but the problem may be constipated. This happens because when you pause the stool to move up the rectum and then not ejected completely.


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