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How can we use ghee in a healthy way?

How can we use ghee in a healthy way? Ghee is good for the body. You can learn how to use this ghee in a healthy manner.

The main ingredient in Indian foods is ghee. Dilute the ghee, the health benefits will be fully available. But it is widely reported to be bad and bad fat. `This is a misconception. Ghee is good. But it should be a clean smoker, "says doctors.
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Cows are good fat. It can do good in many ways for the body. But how is it that, in any way, when it comes to any diet, it is healthy in the dosage. Any ghee is good, let's see how it can be used in healthy ways.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, cow is better. Avoiding the preparation of buffalo milk is good for the body. Because it contains a lot of fatty nutrients. In addition, the fungus, vegetable oils, and fats are added to the body, resulting in a bad cholesterol called LDL cholesterol, which leads to cardiac arrest. Instead, do not think that we should avoid ghee. The right way to choose and use the clean smell is the right way. Ayurvedic medicine also suggests that it is better to use it.

Who can we eat ghee ... how can we eat ghee?

* Eat a cousin from an adult to fifty years old.

* Have to eat the first ingestion of the dish.

It's good to eat half a teaspoon of lunch.

* Must add salt to it. Only the ghee should not be eaten without salt.

* Instead of oil, ghee should be added to the lowest level by pouring gauze.

* Only lunch should be included. Adding to dinner, digestion is delayed.

* Only cooked in hot cooked food or eat only after mashing the cob. Unhealthy foods should not be left in foods that are in the fridge.

* In addition to applying the excess cholesterol, the protein in the pulp will lead to proper nutrition for the baby.

* Do not add biscuits, chicken gravies, chicken curry, chicken rice, fish, eggs and shrimp. Diabetes is too late because both are too fat.

* Chutney is rich in cholesterol. It will do good to the body.

* Helps to increase the cholesterol levels of good cholesterol in the body. This good cholesterol, which travels with blood, does not fall in the heart of the heart.

* The catalyst acts as a catalyst for brain neurons. It helps to maximize the brain's performance.

Who needs to avoid ghee?

Diabetes, gastrointestinal tract, vomiting, liver inflammation, stomach problems should be avoided.

Where to get clean ghee?

Available in the stores in Chennai, Madurai and Trichy. It will be golden as sand sand. Good smell comes from this. Prices are more expensive than normal stores.

Cow holders can buy and sell ghee.

Without looking at brands, you can buy and sell places that you can find near or near by your home.
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