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Easy ways to get around the problem of abdominal pain - Home remedies

Easy ways to get around the problem of abdominal pain - Home remedies

Dry ginger with a sucking mouth prop.
To get rid of abdominal pain without milk tea drink.
Ginger juice with a light massage on navel it.
Siditi Drink Mix baking soda with water, causing pain.
Home remedies for stomach pain

Good health is essential to the good life. Health Is Wealth In this regard, such as the famous saying goes, the first disease-free body, and happiness. Most diseases are caused by the unrestrained eating. Due to bad food sometimes causes pain in the stomach. In this article we are told Isaj home remedies for stomach pain.

Yun stomach hurt so many different reasons, but usually the main cause of stomach pain, indigestion, dry stool, gas, or be raging wind and remain persistent constipation too. Some home remedies to relieve abdominal pain, the pain is so far, as well as the function of the stomach is fine. Here's about these measures.

Home remedies for stomach pain

  • Using asafetida is beneficial in pain in abdomen. 2 grams asafetida powder with a little water to make paste. Planted at the center and around the paste.
  • Celery to the pan with salt and black ground powder to make sure sec. Take 2-3 grams of warm water 3 times a day with stomach pain occurs.
  • Cumin in a pan with hot water soak and 2-3 grams 3 times a day stay. Chew also benefit from it.
  • Take one teaspoon of lemon juice and Pudine. Now half a teaspoon of ginger juice and a little black salt use. Use 3 times a day, will help relieve abdominal pain.
  • Dry ginger in the mouth by sucking in stomach pain relief.
  • Some people drink tea without milk abdominal pain feel comfortable.
  • Ginger juice and apply on the navel point and gentle massage provides relief in stomach pain.

  • Siditi if abdominal pain (acidity) of the water if it's a little baking soda Mix EDGE.
  • Abdominal pain relief powder. The roasted cumin, black pepper, dry ginger, garlic, coriander, dried mint leaves, asafetida, all with equal volume Barik powder. Mix in a little black salt. After dinner, take a spoon with a little warm water. Abdominal pain is a significant benefit.
  • Take a teaspoon of pure ghee green Dniyen juice cures stomach ailment.
  • Ginger juice and castor oil mixed with 3 times a day, each one taking Cmm f abdominal pain occurs.
  • A teaspoon of ginger juice, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and mix it with a little Skkdr use. Will benefit in abdominal pain. Can take 2-3 times a day.
  • Pomegranate is good in abdominal pain. Pomegranate seed extract. Add salt and pepper powder in small quantities. And Take twice daily.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water. Make a paste by grinding. Mix this paste twice a day to 200 grams of yogurt are destroyed intestinal disorder.
  • Soak the seeds in milk isabgul 4 hours. Taking bedtime wrest pain in the stomach and dysentery is cured.
  • Fennel to relieve pain in the stomach of the properties. Soak overnight in a glass of water 15 grams fennel. Filter and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Treatment is very beneficial.
  • According to Ayurveda, asafoetida is a painkiller and Pittwarddhk. Chest and abdominal pain, taking asafetida is extremely beneficial. Abdominal pain in small children immediately dissolved in a little water and cook a teaspoon asafoetida. Place the baby around the navel. After a while, the pain goes away.
  • Lemon juice, black salt, cumin, parsley powder three times a day to get relief from stomach pain.

Note Sometimes abdominal pain can be caused by an illness or serious problem. So the problem is persistent or sharp abdominal pain, see a doctor and make all necessary investigations.


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