Tuesday, 31 January 2017

5 startling facts about chicken!

5 shocking facts about chicken! |  the side effects of broiler chicken | Reasons Chicken Is Not A Health Food

there are many differences between today chicken and the chicken we were eating 50 years ago.
5 shocking facts about chicken! |  the side effects of broiler chicken | Reasons Chicken Is Not A Health Food

Chicken meat is eaten mostly by everyone. But that is today turning out to be the diet killer because of the Slow Poison in it.

Antibiotics !

Poultry industry is increasing the amount of antibiotics injection to increase its fertility. It is eroding the health of poultry as well as eroding the health of people consuming it.

Increase the weight of Chicken:
Chicken today are four times bigger than the chicken were on 1950s. Furthermore, a study shows that the the amount of cholesterol in poultry chickens are in 250% increase than 30 years before.

The hormone drugs in poultry are injected to cause the chicken appear bigger in size and weight. Girl child will achieve Puberty as soon as possible because of the excessive use of drugs and harmones

Arsenic is a kind of chemical. Arsenic is added in large amounts than that of the govt permitted levels in to a lot of chickens produced today. It is harmful  to the human body.

Poison across the chest!
Everyone wants to eat chicken breast. But, today, 97% of bacteria is present in the chest area of a chicken we eat. This is one of the significant deterioration of our health.

 the side effects of broiler chicken, Horrifying Things About the Chicken You Eat, 

side effects of eating chicken with hormones


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