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Itching of the skin - Medical reason

Itching of the skin - Medical reason

An alarm in the engine that runs our body is itching. One of the things you do not want us to enter the closed circuit 'alarm bell' feet itching symptom. If we were sleeping and waking and harass the opponent, which is a reaction that triggers the perception that once tolaic to scratch.

It is pleasant for some time, it will be a pleasure. That turns out to cause hatred and envy for several hours. If the erosion is the physical manifestation of allergy. To implement it in our skin 'mast cells'.

Resistance Protein
The root cause erosion to occur, the blood-forming resistance puratamtan smoking material. This 'imyunokulopul the - fly' (IgE) nodded. These proteins form blood cells. Smoking object enters the closed circuit for the first time, waiting for this protein in the blood is formed.

Outdated material enters the body again, along with the protein allergen provokes mast cells. Because mast cells' histamine 'luyukkotr's' (Leukotriene) the discharge of chemicals. Expands blood vessels, which will hit the nerve ends. Its vilaivaltan itching, psoriasis, skin etc Terracotta occur.

Most of the time we can not control erosion. Coriyat enrukutap start looking at public space. Kuraintumvitukiratu coriyac scratch the itch a little bit. How? 'Land-line phone, it will work like mechanism. Land line phone, and connect the opposite ends of the one kampitan people. Therefore, the same number at the same time be able to talk to two persons.
Besides, the information will erode and carry it to the brain, from the brain to the fingers and bring the command to scratch one 'kepiltan nervous. We began to scratch, this naramputan corikira sense leads to the brain. It takes only one entry at a time to the brain, because the brain from taking sentiment temporarily stopped itching, stinging scratches only carries it to the brain. Thus reducing erosion.

what is the reason?
Probably cause corrosion reasons. However, these two categories have been kept in the medicine. One way to come from outside of the body. Being next to utalukkulleye.

One of the leading opponents of artificial ornamental objects from outside of the device. Soap, cents, vermilion, talaiccayam, lipstick, Nail polish, mukappavutar, cream etc intolerance for the body and cause corrosion. Some wool, Darlin, nylon, animal skin clothes as the body begins to erode.

If you do not agree Diaper eczema in children on the buttocks. Rubber shoes, watches, tape, paint, pesticides, chemicals may cause corrosion material. Still others plastic bangle, gold jewelry, jewelry Covering itching occur. In particular, the 'nickel' itch caused by the type of jewelry, most common in women in our country. Tuvaikkap cloth or soap powder used titerjent alarjiyaki some women, causes corrosion.

When the skin has become so tatimanavat, coracorappakik karuttuppokiratu. These places coriyac scratch due to a water swollen blisters, stout, water swell. The 'solvent syndrome' (Eczema) is called. Once this is complete vide cause corrosion.

Will not feel cold!
Kulirumkuta heat can cause some erosion. In the summer, the sun's UV-rays alarjiyaki erosion; Despite severe itching viyarkkuru coming. In the winter dry skin itching caused panikkarrup silk. Next, the erosion pets. The main cat. Bud the cat's hair for some people to take utampellam itching rashes occur.

It scratching the thigh
Mushroom germs into the interstices of the thigh can cause corrosion. This extreme itching at night. Akalamakap force in the place seemed to be itching to increase. Call interdigital lesions mud is also a factor that cause corrosion. The women who work at home using too much water can be troublesome.

Next, the body armpit in people with obesity, the waist of the environment, to put the thigh, breasts ... so many places in the bottom of the mushroom erosion damage caused harassment. Bacteria and joined in these places, "the skin fold infections' (Intertrigo) appears. This is a plague that can increase corrosion. Besides these lice, dandruff, mosaic, eczema, skin diseases such as coriyacis cause corrosion. Ant, mosquito, bee, wasp, beetle, spider-like insect bites, to pour into the skin of psoriasis, itching, skin civantupo cause such disturbances.

The erosion vayatan
There is no reason for the erosion of old age coming on. Vayatanavarkalukkut secreted by oil glands in the skin of the decline occurring in the skin dryness causes corrosion. Falls cause some itching after bathing.

Alerting Diseases
Any infection in the body, may cause corrosion. Example: property Dentists, airway inflammation, such as inflammation of the urinary tract. Itching in the rectum foundation 'book worm' may be due. Although the body of the worm in the bowel which can lead to corrosion. Utampellam rare, the body that something may be a sign of cancer.

Besides, diabetes, anemia, jaundice, kidney failure, thyroid problems, pittappaip problem, 'Multiple skilirosisenum brain nerve problems, such as erosion may be due to hereditary.

Food and medicine
We ate food intolerance, which can lead to corrosion. Especially milk, yogurt, eggs, shrimp, meat, sea fish, dry fish, tomato, soybean, peanut, cashew, fruits such as cherry say. In foreign processed food, are warning of corrosive compounds. Like the food we eat to the medicines may cause erosion. In particular, aspirin, penicillin, sulfa, nimiculait, malaria medicines to the example, Lam. This is why some doctors first examine regularly paying anttipayattiks injection drugs before putting smaller.

Cognitive Problems
The erosion of anxiety, fear and stress are other reasons such as mental. 'Histiriya the body of people with mental illness and imagine if the pest uruvataippe. Anytime the body will corintukonte. Their psychic erosion kunamanaltan right.

'Ill rarely an' A 'in the pottukko that normally would at home. What occurred at the same time held out that treatment, erosion control completely. We have to eat the medicine, as the risk of calls.

Katturaiyalar, the General Practitioner.
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